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Jeffree Star Opens Up To Logan Paul About Beauty Community Drama With Tati Westbrook & James Charles

Jeffree Star Opens Up To Logan Paul About Beauty Community Drama With Tati Westbrook & James Charles

Jeffree Star sat down for a rare interview with Logan Paul to open up about his life post-beauty community drama.

On June 14th, the beauty mogul appeared on Impaulsive, the popular podcast hosted by creators Logan Paul, George Janko, and Mike Majlak.

Throughout the lengthy interview, Jeffree shared his thoughts on what happened to the YouTube beauty community after it exploded with drama (largely because of him) between 2017-2020.

“I enjoy making content but I think beauty overall on YouTube is kind of dead,” he said.

When asked why he thinks the beauty community isn’t as popular as it once was, Jeffree said the industry became toxic. “All the drama, all the craziness, all the personalities,” he said. “It just got no fun, so fucking toxic.”

“All those people were awful,” he continued, likely referring to ex-friends and two of the platform’s top beauty gurus, Tati Westbrook and James Charles. “They wanted to villainize me because me and Shane [Dawson] were the most successful. We had the biggest launch in makeup history.”

The makeup launch Jeffree is referring to is the Conspiracy Palette he launched in collaboration with Shane Dawson in late 2019. The duo sold 1 million palettes in 30 minutes, the biggest makeup launch in the history of the cosmetics industry.

“People got mad at how successful we got,” Jeffree said on Impaulsive. “They didn’t like how big we won so all the beauty people got angry and tried to take us down, you know.”

In 2020, Tati accused Jeffree and Shane of orchestrating BYE SISTER— the now-infamous video she posted accusing friend and mentee James Charles of predatory behaviour, including using his fame to manipulate straight men into sexual relationships. At the time, Jeffree inserted himself into the narrative, publicly siding with Tati and tweeting that James was a “danger to society.”

In her follow-up video, Tati said that Shane’s 2019 docuseries about Jeffree Star and their palette production was initially meant to expose James. This is presumably what Jeffree meant when he told Impaulisve that “beauty people” tried to take him and Shane down.

“Shane said that James Charles was a monster and that James Charles was hurting minors,” Tati claimed in her 2020 video. “Shane said he was planning to interview victims for the docuseries.”

Tati said that Shane and Jeffree began feeding her information about James’ alleged behaviour and it made her feel sick.

“Eventually, I started believing what they were saying because they said they had evidence,” she revealed. “By the time the drama around James Charles’ promotion of SugarBearHair reached its peak, I was beyond gaslit.”

“Shane Dawson didn’t just know about my ‘BYE SISTER…’ video, he offered to help edit it. He even offered to design the thumbnail and help title it,” she said.

Tati claimed the night before posting her BYE SISTER video, she texted Shane out of concern for James and what this would do to his mental health. Shane allegedly told Tati that James is a narcissist and he would never hurt himself.

Tati’s video led to a cascading cancellation for Jeffree and Shane (among other things that were revealed about the two at the time, like their past racist content).

On his life since all the drama went down, Jeffree told the co-hosts that he is “way happier”.

“I just got wrapped up in what everyone was doing as well and it was just like a huge crazy, like, reality show,” he said.

When asked if he was referring to drama with Shane, James and Tati, Jeffree confirmed, “Yeah, that was what ruined the beauty community.”

Neither Tati nor James have responded to Jeffree’s comments at the time of writing.

And tbh, we can’t imagine they ever will.

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