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Jeffree Star Breaks Silence, Apologises To James Charles

Jeffree Star Breaks Silence, Apologises To James Charles

Jeffree Star

Jeffree Star has finally spoken out.

Off the back of Tati Westbrook’s video drop, Shane Dawson’s channels being demonetised and Morphe cutting ties with Jeffree Star Cosmetics, Jeffree Star himself has released a video addressing the chaotic weeks surrounding the YouTube beauty community.

Despite expectations for Jeffree to release a scathing and accusatory video, receipts intact to bring down those who have spoken out against him, he has instead apologised to James Charles.

“I would personally like to apologise to James Charles for the words that I said and for my actions,” says Jeffree. The beauty guru admits to allowing people to gaslight him behind the scenes and getting caught up in, instead of addressing the situation directly with James himself.

“2020 has been very tumultuous for a lot of us, it has been a very crazy year and I think that James and myself and anyone involved would agree with me that there are way bigger issues happening on this planet…Reality is here and makeup, drama and beauty community gossip and tea, may be entertainment for you and it used to be for me but it’s my life…and right now, outside of our walls our world is falling apart. I’m not going to give you an expose on the beauty community and ‘end’ anyone today.”

Jeffree then speaks to rumours, explaining that he has never blackmailed anyone, committed a crime or has gone to jail, and speaks to removing himself from the bigger situation. In addressing Shane Dawson, Jeffree speaks to his unwavering support for his “best friend”, despite problematic accusations in both of their pasts.

“Breonna Taylor still has no justice, Black trans-women are being murdered everyday and the news is silent, Elijah McLain has no justice and the countless other people who are murdered every single day,” Jeffree diverts.

In the video, Jeffree acknowledges his legal team working in the background.

To watch the entire video, click here.

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