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Addison Rae, Sheri Nicole Launch Podcast

Addison Rae, Sheri Nicole Launch Podcast

addison rae sheri nicole podcast

It seems Addison Rae has been busy!

Announcing the launch of Item Beauty only days ago, Addison has added to her resumé in launching a podcast with mother, Sheri Nicole, titled ‘Mama Knows Best’.

“I decided to do a podcast with my [mum] because I thought it would be really interesting to have a mother and a daughter perspective on different topics and subjects and kind of just let you guys see a different part of me and my [mum] and our life,” says Addison in the first episode.

The podcast will explore everything from dating, to family life, to growing up and living at home as a viral star, with episodes dropping weekly. ‘Mama Knows Best’ is produced by Parcast, and will be available exclusively on Spotify. 

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The first episode deep dives into Addison Rae’s upbringing, her life in Louisiana and Texas, as well as her parents relationship and divorce, before her family moved to Los Angeles in support of her TikTok career.

Listen to the episode below.

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