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Jason Nash Claims Trisha Paytas “Trapped” Him & Threatened To Ruin Vlog Squad If They Split

Jason Nash Claims Trisha Paytas “Trapped” Him & Threatened To Ruin Vlog Squad If They Split

Jason Nash has opened up about his year-long relationship with Trisha Paytas.

In a new episode of the BFFs Podcast, the 49-year-old spoke about his ex-girlfriend for the first time in a public interview after co-host Dave Portnoy called Trisha “certifiable”.

Jason starts by saying that Trisha is a “complicated girl” and that he doesn’t want to “talk shit” about any of his exes. He claims they got along “really great” when they first met and that Trisha was “really into” him, which he loved.

“She was really sweet to me, she loved me, you know, Trisha loved me so much… and so did her 17 personalities,” he says.

Jason goes on to explain how their relationship became intertwined with their YouTube careers when they began filming together and showing up on each other’s channels.

“We started filming together, and that was cool, and we were doing really good. And then it just got to a place where it was like, I didn’t like the relationship, and I couldn’t get out,” he states.

Jason says Trisha threatened to “ruin” him and his friends in the Vlog Squad if they broke up.

He claims that as their relationship deteriorated, Trisha drove her car into his house and “trapped” him in his house for “like three hours”.

“At the time she was really sick, you know, she had some sort of chemical imbalance where she would kind of, blackout, and anything could happen,” Jason says.

Despite claiming he didn’t want to “get into it”, the creator continues with stories about Trisha’s behaviour during their relationship, including one time when she allegedly threatened to drive her car off the road after Jason wouldn’t go to the mall with her.

“I really did try to like, take care of her and I loved her a lot, and it just got to be too much,” he says.

Jason finishes by saying Trisha had an “unfillable hole” inside her that she attempted to fill with material items, though this never made her happy.

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“I hope that, you know, when the baby comes that that’ll be the thing [to make her happy].”

Trisha has not addressed Jason’s comments at the time of writing.

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