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Dave Portnoy Calls Tana Mongeau “A Clown” For Cancelling BFFs Podcast Appearance

Dave Portnoy Calls Tana Mongeau “A Clown” For Cancelling BFFs Podcast Appearance

Dave Portnoy has called out Tana Mongeau for flaking on his podcast more than once.

The 45-year-old president of Barstool Sports slammed Tana on the latest episode of the BFFs podcast for cancelling her guest appearance on the show that day. Tana apparently texted co-hosts Brianna Lapaglia and Josh Richards 30 minutes prior to the episode recording saying she was “puking everywhere” and couldn’t come.

“That’s the second time she’s used that exact excuse,” Dave starts. “What a piece of shit! Honestly, she’s a piece of shit. I guess that everyone know’s shes a piece of shit, like that’s kind of her thing. And I guess that’s the difference in my head between like, she’s a content person, she f*cks everybody, she knows how to stay in the news, fine. But there can’t be any human who takes her seriously.”

Dave continued ranting about the 23-year-old to his co-hosts and their on-air guest, Ellie Zeiler.

“She’s a clown. She has no respect,” he says. “If you’re like rappers do that, fine. They show up six hours late for interviews, but I don’t take them seriously and I know what I’m getting. Tana is a f*cking clown, and I will never take her seriously on any level, ever.”

“We have big guests on all the time. She’s the only one who’s pulled this shit. She’s no A-list star. She’s like a clout-chaser. That’s why she probably has to work so hard to stay in the news because if you treat people like shit, you’re never going to get the benefit of the doubt.”

Tana seems relatively unbothered by Dave’s criticism, taking to Twitter to address his rant.

“IM SICK FML,” she wrote, presumably doubling down on the reason why she cancelled. “dave portnoy hates me fuck :/”.

She followed this up saying that “pissing off dave portnoy is scary.”

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While Tana’s reputation for being late and flaking on commitments definitely precedes her, slut-shaming and calling her names for skipping on an interview is never okay.

Especially when it’s coming from a man 20 years her senior.

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