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Is Jaclyn Hill Releasing A Documentary About Lipstick-Gate?

Is Jaclyn Hill Releasing A Documentary About Lipstick-Gate?

Jaclyn Hill is ready to put lipstick-gate behind her in a big way.

Yesterday, the beauty YouTuber uploaded a video to Instagram with a lengthy caption addressing her 2019 lipstick scandal.

The video, a compilation of raw clips seemingly filmed during the launch, aftermath, and re-birth of Jaclyn Cosmetics, is unusual content for Jaclyn’s highly curated and filtered Instagram aesthetic. It’s an emotional peek inside Jaclyn’s experience during one of the biggest scandals in beauty YouTube history, and it’s left fans wondering— could this be the trailer for a Jaclyn Hill documentary?

“2019 was the hardest year of my life for many reasons,” she wrote in her caption. “I launched my own cosmetic line, which has been a dream of mine for soooo long! And it was a total flop. I’ve never felt that kind of humiliation, embarrassment & disappointment in myself before. I totally crumbled.”

In June 2019, Jaclyn Hill launched her own makeup line with a range of nude lipsticks. This was an exciting announcement for fans and something Jaclyn had been teasing for years on her YouTube channel.

According to Jaclyn, the lipsticks were creamy, pigmented and long-wearing. The swatches in her reveal video impressed fans and the range quickly sold out.

But when customers started receiving their lipsticks, something was off. Many took to social media to share that their lipsticks appeared to be contaminated with hazardous debris including sharp plastic shards, long black hairs, white fuzzies and even mold.

The backlash was extreme and Jaclyn’s credibility was lost. It took Jaclyn weeks to address the lipsticks publicly and when she finally did, fans felt as though she was explaining away the situation rather than being open about how this happened and genuinely apologising.

Now, it seems Jaclyn is ready to redeem herself. “I’m still ashamed of the way I handled it, but I’m learning! I can’t control the past, but I can be better in the future,” her caption reads. “I can’t wait for you to see what’s in store for 2020!”

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Though no documentary has been confirmed, the response to her post has been positive, with fans expressing their love and support.

Jaclyn Cosmetics followed lipstick-gate with the launch of a highlighter collection for the holidays. The collection sold out in 3 minutes flat and received rave reviews.

We’re here for a 2020 Jaclyn comeback. And we’re here for the lipstick-gate tea.?

*immediately turns on Jaclyn Hill post notifications*

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