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Tana Mongeau Launches First Fragrance (And It’s Already Sold Out)

Tana Mongeau Launches First Fragrance (And It’s Already Sold Out)

Tana Mongeau is branching into beauty.

The YouTube star surprised fans this morning when she announced on social media that not only had she been working on her first fragrance for the past year, but that it was launching…today.

“MY FIRST PERFUME!!!! As much as I know you’d expect it to smell like backwoods and sex- I’ve curated my perfect scent,” she wrote in her Instagram caption. “go to or click the link in my bio and get your sugar daddy’s/parents/boss bitch cards ready!!!!!!!”

Tana also uploaded a launch announcement to her YouTube channel— a hilarious commercial where she plays multiple of her own personalities all of whom are gathered in a board room fighting over what to name the fragrance. The group finally lands on TANA by Tana Mongeau.


On January 23rd, Tana tweeted saying she was launching a new brand this week but gave no indication of what it could be. Fans speculated the controversial star might be launching lingerie or adult toys. A few accurately guessed a fragrance.

Tana said she’s been working on the perfume for the past year and thanked her many contributors including the queen of fragrance, Paris Hilton.

According to the website, Tana’s self-titled perfume is a luxurious blend of vanilla, citrus and argan oils. The bottle is a glass skull and retails for $48USD, a fairly reasonable price for a celebrity perfume.

But don’t bother getting your credit card ready just yet, because TANA by Tana Mongeau sold out within the first hour. Luckily, they’re currently in the process of re-stocking.

So if you’re dying to smell like Tana, you can sign up for pre-order at

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