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Glossier To Launch Hand Cream, COVID-19 Doctors And Nurses Gifted First 10,000 Units

Glossier To Launch Hand Cream, COVID-19 Doctors And Nurses Gifted First 10,000 Units

Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, Glossier’s been hailed as one of the few beauty brands to really step up.

On March 13th, Glossier shut down all retail stores worldwide, weeks before many countries mandated closures. Over the past month, they’ve used their platform of nearly 3 million followers to promote social distancing, Zoom meetings, gratitude and rest. They’ve donated thousands of skincare products to hospital workers across the United States, and now, the cult brand is taking another step in the right direction.

Today, Glossier announced its latest product release, their first-ever hand cream, appropriately called Hand Cream.

In an Instagram post, Glossier shared a screenshot from an IG story of two healthcare workers holding up Skin Hero and Balm Dotcom. The women, donning masks and scrubs, thanked the brand for donating free products to help their dry skin.

Both in the caption and on the official Glossier blog, the brand explains that over the past month, they’ve donated thousands of balms, mists and moisturisers to those on the front-lines battling the COVID-19 pandemic.

However, hand lotion has been their most requested product— something the brand hasn’t previously made.

But after two years in development, Glossier will launch Hand Cream at the most crucial time. And healthcare workers get first dibs.

Glossier explains that unlike other beauty brands, they don’t have the ability to develop hand sanitizer during these times because they don’t own their factories.

So in an effort to give back in their own way, Glossier has donated the first 10,000 units of Hand Cream to verified healthcare workers across the United States.

“For the nurses and doctors who are gathering every day to care for patients, it makes sense to get Hand Cream to them first,” they wrote in a statement on their website. “We’ll be donating the first 10,000 units of Hand Cream to healthcare workers in the U.S., Glossier’s home base.”

Healthcare workers were encouraged to fill out a form, requesting Hand Cream for their team in increments of 25, 50 or 80.

Just hours after the announcement, Glossier shared an update saying they quickly reached their cap of donating 10,000 units and will be following up with the remaining applicants who are verified professionals.

For the rest of the world eager to try the latest Glossier prod, Hand Cream will be available online as of April 24th.

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