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How To Recreate Gigi Hadid’s Metallic Eye Makeup

How To Recreate Gigi Hadid’s Metallic Eye Makeup

Despite spending our weekends watching tutorials on neon liner and glitter lips, when it comes to getting ready ourselves we tend to pull out a variant of Urban Decay’s Naked palette again and again. In light of Gigi Hadid’s recent metallic makeup look, and an effort to spice up our go-to brown smokey eye – we spoke to hair and makeup artist, Mia Hawkswell to get all the tips and tricks to nailing a metallic eye look this party season. Having painted the faces of Sophie Monk, Victoria’s Secret Angel Victoria Lee and influencers including Nadia Fairfax and Carissa Walford, we picked her brain for exactly how to achieve the look and why it’s not nearly as scary as it seems.

“Start light, create the shape, then build,” explains Mia. “Start with the bronze contour on the eye, then press in the metallic for the gloss effect.”

What’s the most important step?

“Skin prep, including the eye area is always an important focus,” says Mia. While applying primer under foundation seems a fairly obvious step, the eye area is often neglected. “Secondly, clean out any uneven discolouration around the eye to ensure only the colour pops and isn’t influenced by uneven skin tone or dark circles.” Try using a concealer such as NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer, that isn’t too heavy and blends really nicely. 

What techniques would you recommend for creating the gradient shimmer on the eyes?

“I love using my finger to lightly press and massage into the skin, to prevent fall out,” she says. “It’s also easier to blend and soften [that way]”.

How would you achieve a flawless base to go with this bold eye look?

Ensuring the skin texture is smooth is crucial, Mia explains. “Spot exfoliate if necessary, [and then] hydrate, hydrate, hydrate.” The next step, is the prime, but Mia notes – “not all over, only where necessary. I can use two or three different primers on a single complexion…Also allow each to absorb before layering [the next one]”.

What other aspects of the look are important in balancing out an eye like this?

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“With this eye, I would pull everything else back. I love the brushed up brow with a little wet effect…that compliments the wet effect on the eye but doesn’t overpower it,” she says. A softly sculpted face, neutral lip and lived in hair “all compliment [the look] without fighting for attention,” says Mia.

What products would you personally use to recreate it?

“For longevity, I would opt for a metallic pigment or shadow pressed in. Start with a matte or satin finish shadow for the shading and contour, I would use the Tarte Tartelette Toasted Eyeshadow Palette. For the gloss effect, I would use MAC Cosmetics pigment in Chartreuse, pressed lightly over [Sisley Les Phyto-Ombres in 10 Silky Cream]. The Chartreuse would be more on the inner corner blended into the Sisley shadow in the centre of the lid.”

Try our favourites: Tarte Tartelette Toasted Eyeshadow Palette, MAC Cosmetics pigment in Chartreuse, Sisley Les Phyto-Ombres in 10 Silky Cream

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