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Addison Rae, ITEM Beauty Accused Of Copying Clothing Label Lonely Ghost

Addison Rae, ITEM Beauty Accused Of Copying Clothing Label Lonely Ghost

Addison Rae is copping some serious heat.

Since announcing the launch of her newly minted brand a number of weeks ago, Addison Rae is copping some backlash. While influencer copycat accusations are nothing new, it seems this one has stuck for ITEM Beauty.

The accusation comes from the use of the phrase ‘I love you say it back’ printed on the inside mirror of the Cheek Money compact, a phrase coined and trademarked by Utah influencer Indy Blue, as the basis for her merchandise line, Lonely Ghost.

The comparison was first noted after ITEM Beauty revealed the product range on Instagram, a friend of Lonely Ghost, Tristen Ikaika commenting “cease and desist letter is on its way from ??”. Founder of the brand, Indy Blue followed by commenting “no ones saying we came up with it lol. it’s the fact that a big influencer is taking our phrase and we don’t stand a chance against her numbers.”

While the use of the phrase may have seemed coincidental, Indy Blue was quick to point out that Addison has in fact, worn Lonely Ghost in TikToks posted to her account in the past. “I’m mainly just sad because as a small brand we were SO excited when Addison posted in our clothes ?? I was my little sisters hero lol. So for her to wear our clothes publicly and then use our catchphrase for her makeup line two months later makes me ?”

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ITEM Beauty has since responded in a statement to J-14, saying “At ITEM, we support, lift up and foster a community of positivity. ITEM has been in development since last year and this phrase was concepted internally when ITEM’s creative director shared that she says ‘I love you say it back’ to her 4-year-old son each night before going to bed. This was the impetus for the phrase and by placing it on a mirror and some interior packaging, it reflects a daily message of affirmation. We have no plans to place this phrase on apparel.”

Indy Blue has also mentioned in comments that legal action will be taken. While we doubt this will have lasting effects for ITEM Beauty, it’s not looking good for Addison Rae and her new brand.

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