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Addison Rae Exposes Bryce Hall In Vanity Fair Polygraph Test

Addison Rae Exposes Bryce Hall In Vanity Fair Polygraph Test

Time and time again, we have seen influencers and celebrities exposed by Vanity Fair’s infamous lie detector test— and TikTok queen-turned-silver screen starlet Addison Rae is no exception. 

Sitting in the hot seat, we see a nervous Addison strapped up to a polygraph, answering questions ranging from her favourite Kardashian to whether she is currently obsessed with anyone. 

While Addison generally answered honestly, questions about past relationships seemed to take her by surprise. When asked if being friends with an ex is a “good thing,” Addison initially agreed. 

However, when asked to elaborate, she seemed to change her mind. “It depends I think on how the relationship ended, so I don’t know … no, no, mostly no, usually no” she went on to say.  

Addison then revealed that she is not friends with all of her exes. 

The interview seemingly changed course after this question, where Addison was asked if she believes in karma. With Addison answering yes, the interviewer used this as her opportunity to ask if she considered “someone getting knocked-out in a pay-per-view boxing match, karma?” 

Stuttering in disbelief, Addison giggled as she said “oh my gosh, no.” However, Sam, the polygraphist, could not determine if Addison was truthful in her answer.

In case you missed it, Addison’s ex, Bryce Hall, fought in Battle of the Platforms, a series of boxing matches where YouTubers and TikTokers went head-to-head. Fighting the ACE Family’s Austin McBroom, Bryce lost on a technical knockout.  

Back in February, Addison and Bryce ended their on-again-off-again relationship for good amid rumours Bryce was unfaithful with an adult entertainer on a trip to Vegas.

Bryce was quick to respond to Addison’s comments, albeit indirectly. Taking to Twitter, he wrote, “it sucks when you speak nothing but good things about someone and they just shit on u lol.” Posted after Vanity Fair‘s video went live, many fans have interpreted this tweet as a dig against Addison. 

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Despite drama ensuing, fans have flooded the videos’ comment section supporting Addison. 

One fan commented, “she’s so precious,I love how transparent she is being.” 

Another wrote, “She don’t deserve all the hate she gets, because she’s being herself and she’s not a bad person and I respect her!”

Watch Addison take Vanity Fair’s lie detector test here.

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