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TikTok Users Are Pinching Themselves For This #NaturalBlush Trend

TikTok Users Are Pinching Themselves For This #NaturalBlush Trend

Finally, a TikTok beauty hack we can all achieve regardless of skill level!

Users have been pinching their noses and cheeks for a rosy flush in TikTok’s latest #NaturalBlush trend.

While this simple blush “hack” has been a beauty trick used for literal centuries, this trend, set to Suzanne Vega’s song “Tom’s Diner”, has become a popular challenge in recent weeks, with the #NaturalBlush hashtag amassing over 107.6 million views at the time of publication.

According to Into The Gloss, pinching your cheeks, among other hacks like biting your lips and applying beetroot juice as a stain were all common ways to bring colour to the face in the Victorian era, when heavy makeup with frowned upon.

Pinching your cheeks for a natural blush has since been passed on as a tip throughout generations of women, and still frequently features in natural or “no-makeup makeup” tutorials.

However, POC on TikTok have noted that the trend does not have the same effect on those with darker skin tones, and have co-opted the trend with a satirical twist, creating their own version of the trend.


Wow I didn’t think it would work #fypシ゚viral

♬ original sound – riley 🙂

While POC participating in this trend seem to be playfully critiquing the original #NaturalBlush trend, their take effectively points to the eurocentric norms of apps like TikTok and the trends that dominate such platforms

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