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Austin McBroom Wins YouTube vs. TikTok Fight For $1 Million: Full Winners List & Event Highlights

Austin McBroom Wins YouTube vs. TikTok Fight For $1 Million: Full Winners List & Event Highlights

Updated 11:00PM ET.

On June 12th, some of the internet’s biggest stars will face off in an epic boxing match billed as Battle of the Platforms.

Taking place at the Hard Rock Stadium in Miami, the event features eight fights— with one YouTube creator and one TikTok creator facing off against each other— for a top prize of $1 million. A match between ACE Family’s Austin McBroom and Sway House’s Bryce Hall will headline the event.

Event details

The event will take place June 12th at 7PM ET/4PM PT. You can live stream via PPV here for $49.99. Ticket holders will get an exclusive Social Gloves: Battle of the Platforms NFT.

There will also be performances from DJ Khaled, Fat Joe, Lil Baby, Trippie Redd, and Migos.

The backstory of the YouTubers vs. TikTokkers fight

Last year, Austin McBroom of The ACE Family challenged Jake Paul to a fight. Jake has been training and fighting as a semi-professional boxer in recent years.

“There’s a whole lotta boxing talk going on lately. I’ve been an athlete my entire life so it would be disappointing for me not to get involved,” Austin wrote on Instagram back in November 2020. “@jakepaul been running from me for years. I got $5m for whoever steps into the ring with me. TAG who you think would want this smoke.”

After Jake refused to bite, Austin challenged Bryce, the second-most tagged influencer in his comment section. Bryce initially rejected Austin’s proposal but has seemingly come around, claiming Austin met his requirements of the deal.

“I don’t know if I’m allowed to discuss my deal but I’m getting $5 million flat” Bryce told paparazzi Kevin Wong in March. Bryce also revealed the winning prize will be $1 million “out of Austin’s pocket.”

What happened to the Tanner Fox vs. Ryland Storms fight?

One day before the fight, Ryland Storms revealed that his opponent Tanner Fox had dropped out. Tanner later said the commission cancelled his fight due to an 18-pound difference between himself and Ryland.

Despite the weight discrepancy, the event is an exhibition match meaning the participants can choose to fight regardless. “All this weight is on me to decide whether or not I want to do it,” Tanner told KEEMSTAR. “So we’re talking to Ryland’s manager and the event people— we’re trying to make it happen right now.”

Tanner has since confirmed the commission would not allow the fight to go ahead due to safety concerns regardless of his decision.

Tanner spoke with the host following the first match to clarify that his boxing career is not over. “We’re definitely still beating Ryland’s ass,” he said. “It’s just they wouldn’t let me do it today.”

Ryland then called Tanner a “waste of my time,” claiming the commission was forced to deny the fight because Tanner pulled out on his own less than 15 hours prior to the event.

Fight updates & winner results

With over 1 billion followers between them, the fighters will participate in five 2-minute rounds. Wrestling headgear is being used for the exhibition instead of boxing headgear— a bizarre choice many fans have questioned.

Check back for live-updates on the winner results.

Ryan JohnstonCale SaurageRyan Johnston TKO
Landon McBroomBen AzelartLandon McBroom KO
Tanner FoxRyland StormsCANCELLED
FaZe JarvisMichael LeFaZe Jarvis KO
DejiVinnie HackerVinnie Hacker TKO
An Eson GibTayler HolderAn Eson Gib UNANIMOUS DECISION*
Austin McBroomBryce HallAustin McBroom TKO

Fight highlights

FaZe Jarvis wins with an epic knock out against Michael Le half-way through the second round.

Fresh off his win against Nate Wyatt, DDG says he was “in the strip club last night” and barely trained for the fight. He also told hosts that this would be his last fight unless he was challenged by a rapper.

Vinnie Hacker shocks fans with a technical knock-out against Deji, making Vinnie the first TikTok star to win a fight at the exhibition. Commentators note that Deji seemed out of shape compared to Vinnie, who revealed he trained up to “five times a day”.

An Eson Gib (real name Ali Al Fakri) vs. Tayler Holder results in a majority draw. Commentators call it “robbery” for Ali who fought against “hesitant” Tayler Holder. “Today I beat you,” Ali tells Tayler after the fight. “In my heart I know I won.”

*UPDATE: On June 13th, the ISKA overturned the majority draw, announcing Ali as the winner by a “unanimous decision”.

After months of training and build up, Austin McBroom wins the YouTubers vs. TikTokkers Battle of the Platforms boxing match against Bryce Hall, taking home the $1 million prize! Commentators praised Austin’s footwork, quick movement, and his ability to maintain composure.

Bryce Hall now has to pay Austin McBroom $1 million. The pair seemed amicable after their match.

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