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3 Easy Steps For Your Healthiest (Iso) Hair Ever

3 Easy Steps For Your Healthiest (Iso) Hair Ever

While seemingly trivial in the midst of a pandemic, self-care is one of the few things we can do to stay sane in this period of global uncertainty. While we’ve seen a shift in expectation to increased productivity, many are leaning in the opposite direction (there’s actually a reason you’re so tired all the time in quarantine). However, despite our decreased levels of motivation and increased levels of sleepiness, there are still things we can do that require *minimal* effort, but will help you see *maximum* results. One such thing? Taking advantage of the lack of blow-drying and flat-ironing (besides what’s necessary for your weekly Zoom catchup) to get hair back to it’s glossiest, healthiest state in preparation for all our post-isolation activities [cough, celebrations]. Taking cues from Kylie Jenner’s self-proclaimed “hair health journey”, we spoke to Filio Gelasakis, head stylist at vegan, Australian made and owned hair care brand, Daily Naturals to get the down-low on what we should and shouldn’t be doing to our hair in iso, to come out the other side with our healthiest locks ever. 

1/ Stay away from heat-styling

Probably the most obvious but also the most important. Heat-styling is one of the biggest contributors to hair damage on a regular basis. Avoiding using your styling tools or blow dryer will allow your hair to “breathe, grow and repair itself during this time,” explains Filio. If you want to take your hair game up another notch, invest in a hair mask or leave-in treatment. “It is essential that your hair stays moisturised and well-conditioned. [By adding] a treatment (or two) weekly, you will give you hair the extra moisture and care it needs.”

2/ Save your styling products for post-isolation

While we do what we can to help us feel human when we haven’t put on real clothes for weeks – using your hair styling products are not it.  Besides a mask or leave-in treatment, any other products you are using (especially those that contain petrochemicals) “can build up in the hair”. This can block your hair follicles and prevent healthy growth. Further to this, “products containing silicones coat the hair instead of evaporating over a period of time. While we are in isolation, less is more!” says Filio. “Choose a select few products and keep them in rotation. Give you hair the moisture and nutrients it needs to grow and remain strong,” without overdoing it. 

3/ A scalp-treatment will be your new best friend

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Hugely underrated in the world of haircare are the humble scalp scrubs and treatments. “Your scalp is so important to your hair growth and strength. [Making] sure that your scalp is free of any product build-up or pollution” is the easiest way to ensure your hair stays healthy. While this is less important if you’re not using your regular styling products (ahem, see step 2), a scalp treatment will help you feel fresh and kickstart your hair growth. If you suffer from dandruff, also making sure to use a scalp nourishing shampoo and conditioner regularly will make a world of difference.

Our favourites include: Daily Naturals Leave-In Masque, Kérastase Résistance Extentioniste Serum, Frank Body Caffeinated Scalp Scrub

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