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The K18 Molecular Hair Oil: The Rundown on TikTok’s New Favourite Hair Product

The K18 Molecular Hair Oil: The Rundown on TikTok’s New Favourite Hair Product

If Alix Earle approves of a product, it is only a matter of time before everyone on TikTok jumps on board. And with Alix’s rave reviews about the K18 molecular hair oil, it may be time to add another product to our haircare collection. 

Back in April, Alix demonstrated and reviewed the new hair oil, skyrocketing the product to virality. In her video, she begins by applying the product, explaining that it is suitable for both damp and dry hair. 

“So start with one to three drops and build up as needed,” she notes while gliding the product through both the dry and damp sides of her hair. “It also works as a heat protectant… which is great.”

After walking her viewers through her application and waiting four minutes for the product to sink in, she wraps up the video with another one of TikTok’s favourite hair tools – the Dyson Airwrap – only to reveal the most perfect and frizz-free blowout. 


k18 does it again … my fav new hair oil @k18hair @sephora #k18partner #k18results

♬ original sound – alix earle

Since its launch in May, the K18 molecular hair oil has become a go-to product on TikTok. We have seen many creators across the platform follow in Alix’s footsteps, sharing their experiences and thoughts about the oil — the majority being glowing reviews. But the success of the hair oil should hardly come as a surprise. 

Considering the brand’s science-backed approach, K18 products are designed with decades of research into biomimetics in mind. This expertise helps the K18 molecular hair oil penetrate the hair, tackling frizz and damage at the deepest level. 

In @janethechemist’s video on the K18 hair oil, she breaks down the ingredients in the product, explaining that it “uses a blend of pretty basic emollients… [alongside] the signature peptide the SH-Oligopeptide-78 that claims to fight damage from within.”


I was fully ready to hate this 👀 This was sent to me but all opinions are my own 😊 #cosmeticchemist #k18 #hairoil #review

♬ original sound – janethechemist

That being said, it’s clear that the product is an effective solution for frizz control, surpassing any sort of superficial treatments.

As K18 CEO Suveen Sahib explains, “The science tells us that a lot of frizz is caused by deeper-level damage, so it makes sense that traditional oils, which are focused on coating the outside of hair to address frizz, aren’t able to offer lasting repair. We challenged ourselves to create a product that tackled frizz in a new way, delivering a long-term solution by reversing molecular-level damage inside the hair to improve the crystalline structure of keratin—which can be a root cause of frizz especially for chemically damaged hair.” 

Given that the hair oil is compatible with K18’s range (including other TikTok favourites like the leave-in molecular repair hair mask), it’s hardly surprising that social media users are rushing to get their hands on the product and enter their Alix Earle era.  

To learn more about the K18 molecular hair oil and explore the product range, check out K18’s website here.

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