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New Brand Alert: Unveiled Beauty Founder On Her Journey To Self-Love After Breast Implant Illness

New Brand Alert: Unveiled Beauty Founder On Her Journey To Self-Love After Breast Implant Illness

Introducing Unveiled Beauty – a new collection of lip liners that aim to enhance your natural features so you look and feel your best in the everyday. Founded by 24-year-old Alivia Celio in Newcastle, NSW after a harsh battle with breast implant illness, Unveiled Beauty is paving the way for the natural beauty movement and the importance of loving the skin you’re in.

We sat down with Alivia to talk about what inspired her to create Unveiled Beauty, how her experience with breast implant illness changed her perspective on life and beauty, and the void she hopes her brand fills.

What inspired you to create Unveiled Beauty?

I created Unveiled Beauty as a small makeup line to enhance people’s features rather than changing them. I think we all love to get really made up at times, but a lot of the time we want to look and feel our best without bucket loads of makeup.

I have tried to fill a void in the market by creating Unveiled. Our first product to launch is our Lip Definer Pen. It allows you to enhance your own natural lips by lining them and then using the dual-ended blending sponge. This product aims to smooth harsh lines and create an ombre effect on the lips.

Describe Unveiled Beauty’s philosophy and why it’s important to you.

My brand’s philosophy is about defining and enhancing your natural beauty to create a flawless “no-makeup makeup” appearance.

How have your personal experiences shaped the way you view beauty?

In 2019, I became very ill with breast implant illness after having my implants for just 10 months. My body’s reaction to the implants was extremely aggressive and happened very quickly. 

I was angry at myself that I didn’t appreciate my body for what it was. I look back on photos now and think that there was nothing wrong with me and wonder why I ever did that to myself. Now, I try to focus on all the good things in my life and appreciate what I do have. Of course I still want to look my best at all times, but I want to do this without changing myself. I don’t want to risk my health by putting toxic chemicals into my body which is how Unveiled Beauty came to be.

How do you hope people will feel when they use your products?

There’s no doubt we all love to dress up and feel great. However, there are also those days where we might have a barbeque or we might have to go and do some shopping. I don’t want to look too made up — I just want to look and feel my best and this is where Unveiled Beauty comes in. 

What are 3 words you would use to describe Unveiled Beauty?

I would say the shade names of our Lip Definer Pens; worthy, grateful and blessed.

What kind of products can we look forward to with Unveiled Beauty?

Our range will grow but it will always be about enhancing what we have naturally — that doesn’t mean we won’t go for lip plumping, skin-firming, or blurring products, but again it will not be about covering or changing what we have. Instead, we will aim for a natural look.

Sustainability and ethical production is increasingly important to consumers in all industries now. How does Unveiled Beauty ensure social and environmental responsibility is taken in all areas of the brand?

This is something that I really took into account when creating the brand. Our range has been specifically formulated to suit all skin types. It is cruelty free, gluten free, vegan and paraben free. Our packaging is also recyclable.

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What do you hope Unveiled Beauty adds to the industry?

At Unveiled, it all starts with you! There is something so empowering about embracing our natural beauty and defining our own features. My vision is to re-invent the way that people perceive makeup, and I hope that it adds a stronger focus on the importance of natural beauty in the industry. 

You can shop Unveiled Beauty’s Lip Definer Pens at here.

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