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Trisha Paytas Responds To Claims They Ruined Gabbie Hanna’s Reputation And Damaged Her Career In Explosive Buzzfeed Profile

Trisha Paytas Responds To Claims They Ruined Gabbie Hanna’s Reputation And Damaged Her Career In Explosive Buzzfeed Profile

Trisha Paytas is once again asking Gabbie Hanna to stop talking about them.

One month after stirring up Twitter drama with practically every YouTube creator on the platform, Gabbie Hanna is back the trending page following a feature interview for Buzzfeed.

The piece, written by journalist Scaachi Koul, details the Viner-turned-YouTuber-turned-singer’s tumultuous past few years online from her own perspective— a perspective Gabbie insists has been misunderstood.

“Part of being neurodivergent is being impulsive and not fully thinking through decisions… I think people have a hard time differentiating between making an excuse and trying to explain yourself,” she tells Buzzfeed before revealing she feels “in control” of her image for the first time in her career. “It’s a lot easier to cope with people hating you when you’re fanning the flames,” she says.

Despite attempting to clear her name, Gabbie has ignited more drama after making comments about fellow creator Trisha Paytas throughout the article.

In speaking to her several controversies, Gabbie alleged that Trisha played a part in ruining her reputation. “Imagine you had a friend six years ago who, to this day, is contacting your employers, contacting everyone you know, and trying to ruin your reputation… I lost sponsors, I lost a record deal, I lost my friends,” Gabbie said. According to Koul’s reporting, Gabbie was referring in part to Trisha.

Context to the Trisha Paytas and Gabbie Hanna drama

Trisha and Gabbie have a complicated history dating back to 2017 when Gabbie allegedly told Vlog Squad creator Jason Nash that Trisha has herpes. Trisha and Jason had just started hooking up at the time.

In 2019, Gabbie made the rumour public when she posted screenshots of a DM conversation between herself and Trisha in which Trisha denied that they have herpes. Though Gabbie blurred Trisha’s name out, fans easily figured out who Gabbie was referring to— essentially telling her millions of followers that Trisha possibly has herpes.

Trisha adamantly denies this rumour.

Fast forward to February 2021, and Gabbie invited Trisha onto her podcast to address their issues face-to-face. However, Trisha ended up blocking Gabbie shortly after the episode went live, claiming Gabbie edited their conversation to suit her narrative.

This was all re-hashed months later when Gabbie started the aforementioned Twitter feuds with various creators, leading fans to compare Gabbie to Trisha’s past troll behaviour.

In a TikTok comment, Gabbie responded to the comparison. “I’m like Trisha Paytas if [they were] talented and happy,” Gabbie wrote.

Trisha addressed Gabbie’s criticism in a series of tweets, calling her recent “mental breakdown” on social media “upsetting” to them and said Gabbie “needs help but won’t get it”.

“I blocked her everywhere cause I have no interest in the back and forth with someone delusional not seeking help,” Trisha tweeted. “She voice memo’d me the next day (I have it) of her admitting the stories she tried to convince me that happened, in fact, did not happen.”

Now, Trisha has taken to Twitter again in response to Gabbie’s comments made in the Buzzfeed profile, asserting Koul “didn’t fact check” information reported in the article (a claim also made by influencer Lily Marston in a Twitter thread here) and included Trisha’s name without their permission.

“The fact that buzzfeed didn’t fact check. Once again me and Gabbie were never friends. Gabbie has said this herself. And what sponsors did she lose ? Gabbie is beyond delusional, I never called any companies. I made a video years ago so she would leave me alone,” Trisha tweeted.

Trisha went on to say that “the scariest part” is Koul also interviewed them for an article and Trisha asked the journalist not to “connect” them with Gabbie for the piece because “Gabbie is a very dangerous person online. She harasses people to no end.”

“Even seeing my name in there triggers me to no end. I can’t believe they couldn’t fact check the most basic things,” Trisha continued. “Gabbie blames me for ppl not liking her cause she wants to be connected to me in some way so bad. She’s a sick sick individual”.

Koul responded to Trisha’s tweets, writing, “Hi Trish. You asked that I not use any quotes from our conversation, which I didn’t. It’s unfortunately tough not to mention you in a piece like this, but I’m sorry it made you feel so triggered.”

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Trisha explained they don’t want Buzzfeed‘s upcoming feature article published anymore. Trisha also claimed to have told Koul both “in person and on email” that they don’t want to be associated with Gabbie Hannah at all in the coverage.

An alleged copy of the email Trisha sent Koul after their interview is circulating the internet and can be seen here.

In the wake of the article, Gabbie has been criticised for refusing to take accountability for the controversies and scandals that have led to the downfall of her career.

Many have also taken issue with Buzzfeed‘s coverage of the backlash Gabbie faced following YouTuber Jessi Smiles’ rape accusations against Gabbie’s friend Curtis Lepore. Gabbie was labeled a “rape apologist” for continuing to collaborate with Curtis at the time.

“Imagine having to be reminded of your rape whenever someone wants to release their ‘music’,” one Twitter user wrote. “Imagine your sexual assault being brought up and used to create drama every few months for years.”

Jessi has since tweeted about the article as well, responding to Trisha with support.

“I feel you. People can try to avoid her, ignore her, block her, even apologize to her…but she never stops,” Jessi said about Gabbie. “And then she wants people to believe that WE are the obsessive ones. Idk when this will ever be over but I’m fucking tired and I want PEACE in my life.”

Gabbie nor Buzzfeed have publicly responded to the backlash at the time of publication.

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