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Gabbie Hanna Feuds On Twitter Over Poetry Book Criticism: “I’m Done Being Silenced”

Gabbie Hanna Feuds On Twitter Over Poetry Book Criticism: “I’m Done Being Silenced”

Gabbie Hanna has kicked off heaps of Twitter drama after slamming those who have criticised her art over the years.

It all kicked off on April 19th when the YouTube star tweeted about how ADHD affected the writing process for her 2020 book, Dandelion. After fans flooded her mentions with love and support for opening up about her mental health, Gabbie went on to comment about how her 2017 poetry book, Adultolescence, was received.

“I still can’t believe I wrote a funny, engaging, thematic poetry book about sexual assault, mortality, childhood abuse, mental illness & suicidal ideation as my first release— and all people cared to share was ‘link in bio’ and ‘family is relatives,'” she wrote, referencing the memes that circulated about one of her poems. Despite landing on the New York Times Bestseller list, reviews were mixed.

The creator continued, saying “the internet is full of a bunch of unempathetic, manipulative, money-hungry losers. I’m done letting MYSELF feel bad about that.”

Of those most critical of Adultolescence, pop culture YouTuber and poetry lover Rachel Oates takes top prize. The British creator has made several videos reviewing Gabbie’s work and even wrote a “parody” of Adultolescence from the perspective of a dog— as Gabbie’s was from the perspective of “an abused child”— titled, Doggolescence.

On the topic of Adultolescence, Gabbie tweeted about Rachel’s criticism calling her a “cowardly loser” and shared screenshots of videos Rachel made about her poetry book, writing, “What kind of monster would do something like that?

Rachel, who doesn’t currently have a public Twitter account, apparently caught wind of Gabbie’s comments. She took to Instagram stories to respond, claiming parody was, in fact, co-written by her dog Kyra. She also defends that she’s “not a coward” because her “name IS attached” to the book.

Gabbie posted a screenshot of Rachel’s IG story to Twitter, writing, “okay guys, my apologies, she DID co-write the book mocking my art about my trauma with her dog.” She then proceeded to share a private message she received from Rachel.

“Leave me out of your attention seeking games and go get some help please,” Rachel writes. “Clearly you’re having some sort of breakdown again and I understand, I’ve been there too, but this won’t help. Please just go speak to your friends or family and calm down.”

Gabbie calls Rachel’s criticism “narcissistic abuse” before saying Rachel “can’t handle criticism”.

After Gabbie tweeted several more times about Rachel, YouTube commentary creator Angelika Oles jumped in with her two cents, calling Gabbie “obsessive and a bully” about Rachel’s view count and relevancy online. At the time of publication, Rachel sits at 200K YouTube subscribers while Gabbie sits at 5.7 million.

“Say your part about criticism/hate/whatever you want to call it,” Angelika writes. “But multiple tweets calling someone obsessive and a bully… while being obsessive and a bully back is an interesting way to go about things.”

The 30-year-old fired back, attaching several screenshots of Angelika’s videos criticising Gabbie.

“So standing up to a bully is bullying them? I’m the only person who’s supposed to sit back and allow people to exploit and harass me bc if I defend myself I’m a BULLY. What are you? Shut the fuck up Angelika, get back to law school,” she says.

She then compared Angelika to “that bitch in high school who draws on your yearbook photo to be an asshole and laugh with her friends” and a “high school bully” before calling her a “narcissistic, confused, goofy ass bitch”.

“I’m done being silenced,” Gabbie tweets. “If you personally feel scared about that, you should be scared.”

After hours of feuding on Twitter, fans became concerned that Gabbie was having some sort of public breakdown. Many urged her to get offline and calm down. Others also noted that Angelika, a YouTube drama channel, was evidently going to report on Gabbie’s life as an influential figure in that space.

Despite Gabbie’s alleged threat, Angelika continued, calling the artist out for internalised misogyny and noting that she seems to exclusively go after drama channels run by women rather than men. She also dragged Gabbie for instances when she told stories about people to her millions of followers that she did not have consent to tell, saying her argument is “hypocritical”.

Several commentary channels have since stepped in to defend Angelika against Gabbie and her stans.

Tea Spill— YouTube’s first drama channel to reach 1 million subscribers— came to Angelika’s defense, tweeting that Gabbie is “gaslighting” Angelika by insinuating that Angelika’s reporting on Gabbie’s controversial behaviour is the problem.

After Gabbie tweeted that “calling someone attention seeking for standing up to abuse is also very abusive,” commentary channel Margo Indigo responded, noting that Gabbie has spent years painting YouTuber Jessi Smiles as “crazy,” “a liar,” and an “attention wanter” after the two had a falling out over Gabbie’s desire to maintain a friendship with Jessi’s abuser.

On her seemingly erratic behaviour on Twitter, Gabbie uploaded a video explaining that she is “not going through something” and claims she is simply standing up for herself.

While the feud has seemingly died down, some fans speculate Gabbie drummed up this drama in the lead up to the release of some new music.

Because even bad publicity is good publicity, right?

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