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Why Are Gabbie Hanna And Trisha Paytas Feuding Again?

Why Are Gabbie Hanna And Trisha Paytas Feuding Again?

Last week, Gabbie Hanna spent days feuding with Angelika Oles, Rachel Oates, and Oscar Wylde. Now the YouTuber-turned-singer is taking on Trisha Paytas.

After receiving backlash for her behaviour online these past few days, fans began comparing Gabbie to former internet troll Trisha Paytas, saying Gabbie was taking a page out of Trisha’s book by stirring up drama for attention.

In a TikTok comment, Gabbie responded to the comparison. “I’m like Trisha Paytas if [they were] talented and happy,” Gabbie wrote.

Trisha recently came out as non-binary and prefers to go by the pronouns they/them.

Trisha addressed Gabbie’s criticism in a series of tweets, calling her recent “mental breakdown” on social media “upsetting” to them and said Gabbie “needs help but won’t get it”.

Trisha and Gabbie have a long history of drama and feuding on the internet. In February 2021, Gabbie invited Trisha onto her podcast to hash out their issues, however Trisha ended up blocking Gabbie shortly after the episode went live, claiming Gabbie edited their conversation to suit her narrative.

“I blocked her everywhere cause I have no interest in the back and forth with someone delusional not seeking help,” Trisha continued. “She voice memo’d me the next day (I have it) of her admitting the stories she tried to convince me that happened, in fact, did not happen.”

Trisha also noted that Gabbie has been “a victim of some serious abuse online from David Dobrik and a few others” and said she should focus her energy on standing up against that type of bullying and harassment rather than standing up against those who “don’t like her poetry”.

Off the back of Trisha’s tweets, Gabbie took to Instagram live calling Trisha a “liar” and a “fake bitch.” She then jumped on TikTok saying Trisha is a “hypocritical, fake, bitch” for criticising Gabbie’s music. This became one of several TikToks both creators have since made about each other.

At none point, Gabbie also allegedly admitted to stirring up drama with several creators this week for clout.

Amidst the back-and-forth, the feud has evolved into a disagreement on whether the two ever had a genuine friendship. While Gabbie insists they had a friendship from 2016-2019, Trisha maintains that Gabbie is “delusional” and fabricated a friendship between the two in her mind.

Gabbie has since shared screenshots of messages between herself and Trisha to prove they had a friendship, including one in which Trisha seemingly invites Gabbie to Thanksgiving and another from 2017 in which Trisha allegedly writes, “I’m tired of the internet not knowing we are friends lol”.

While Trisha has returned to posting regular content across their channels, Gabbie has threatened to expose secrets that Trisha is allegedly desperate to hide from the internet. She also claims a “docuseries” about the drama is coming soon, but we’re not holding our breath.

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