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Sofia Franklyn Issues Apology to Trisha Paytas Following Backlash For Saying She “Loves” Her Mental Illness

Sofia Franklyn Issues Apology to Trisha Paytas Following Backlash For Saying She “Loves” Her Mental Illness

Sofia Franklyn has publicly apologised to Trisha Paytas for her mean-spirited comments about the creator amid a back-and-forth between the two on social media.

Sofia is an influencer and the host of the popular podcast, Sofia with an F. She was previously the co-host of Call Her Daddy with Alex Cooper before the two had a falling out.

Trisha is a legacy YouTuber best known for over-sharing online. She formerly co-hosted the Fremenies podcast with Ethan Klein, which helped revive her career and restore her reputation after years of controversy.

What happened between Sofia Frankly & Trisha Paytas?

The controversy started in late October when Sofia had Dance Moms alum Kalani Hilliker on her podcast.

In one segment, Sofia and Kalani spoke about their mental health struggles, sparking a viral TikTok sound when Sofia said she loves her mental illness to which Kalani responded, “Me too. My mental illness literally makes me, me.”

The clip inspired a wave of response from users claiming the two women were glamourising mental illness. Sofia later removed the clip from her TikTok amid the backlash.

Trisha Paytas stitches Sofia Franklyn’s video about mental illness

Trisha joined the discourse when she stitched Sofia’s video (before it was removed). The YouTuber, who has been open about her various mental health issues and diagnoses over the course of her 15+ year career online, responded to Sofia and Kalani’s statement noting that it can be “discouraging” when people glamourise the realities of mental illness.

“No hate to those two girls, but for those of us who don’t love our mental illness, this one’s for you,” she started. “So I feel like it’s great that mental illness is, like, normalised and talked about and just so many more people are coming forward with their mental health struggles.”

Trisha said that it can feel “discouraging” when those with mental illness appear to be functioning “so easy, and you’re not.”

The creator went on to detail some of her struggles with borderline personality disorder, despite appearing like a “success” story in the public eye.

“So for those people who genuinely love their mental illness, you know, I’m happy for you. But I don’t love mine, and that’s okay. But you can have a really fulfilling, successful life full of love and happiness and still have bad days,” she finished.

Sofia Franklyn claps back at Trisha Paytas

Sofia responded to Trisha’s stitch of her podcast clip, making a mean comment about Trisha’s appearance and saying it’s “damaging to tell people how they should or should not express their own mental illness.”

Trisha later discussed Sofia’s reaction on the Just Trish podcast and insisted her stitch was not about Sofia specifically.

“I love you,” Trisha said of Sofia’s work. “And I love that you love your mental illness. I love that you talk about mental illness because you are, like, a conventionally beautiful girl, and you’re talented and successful, and like, that’s I think, great that you talk about it to show that everyone has mental illness.”

“It was never, like, an attack on you. Like, I’m so sorry,” Trisha said.

Sofia Frankly apologises to Trisha Paytas on Sofia with an F

Weeks later, Sofia has now formally addressed the situation on the latest episode of her podcast titled, ‘Another Apology?‘.

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Sofia starts off the episode apologising to Trisha. “What I said and what I did was a low blow, and I can fully acknowledge that,” she said, referring to the jab she made at Trisha’s appearance. “I truly am sorry.”

She went on to say it’s “interesting” how triggered she got by Trisha’s stitch, considering Trisha’s response “wasn’t mean” or even directed at Sofia herself.

“For some reason, when I watched it, it was extremely triggering. I don’t know exactly why,” she admitted.

Sofia then defended herself against the accusation that she was “glamourising” mental illness.

“It’s how I felt in that moment. Me laughing and saying, ‘I love my mental illness’ on my show was just me taking ownership of my brain and my humanity and you know, acknowledging something that’s a part of who I am,” she said.

“I just don’t want that one moment to negate all of the real discourse and genuineness that I have brought to the topic of mental illness,” she explained.

Sofia finished by saying she would love to have Trisha on her podcast or have a chat with the creator privately.

“From one crazy girl to another, Trisha, I would die to talk about it with you here on the show, in private, in an airplane, like wherever— I do want to discuss this with you. You are harder to get in touch with than the president,” Sofia pleaded.

Trisha has not publicly addressed Sofia’s apology at the time of writing.

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