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Kiss 2020 Goodbye With This New Year’s Eve Makeup Inspo

Kiss 2020 Goodbye With This New Year’s Eve Makeup Inspo

2020 is coming to an end (finally), and if there’s one day to be a little extra with your makeup, it’s New Year’s Eve. With a fresh year ahead of us and perhaps a few resolutions in mind, now’s the perfect time to  make a confident entrance into this (hopefully) more promising year ahead.  And what better way to do that than with a fire full-beat glam?

From colourful glitter, to sleek graphic eyeliner, to a bold lip that “wows,” here are some of our top picks for NYE makeup inspo to help you kiss this disastrous year goodbye.

Add some extra sparkle with glitter…

Okay, so adding glitter to your NYE look isn’t exactly groundbreaking stuff, but there’s a reason we continue to see it make a comeback every festive season. If you’re on the more conservative side, try opting for a glitter eyeliner to give you that touch of festive fun. If you’re going for more of a “look at me” vibe, cover your lids with some glitter primer, and use an eyeshadow brush to dab on your glitter. More is more when it comes to glitter  – it is New Year’s Eve after all.

Recreate this look with: NYX Glitter Primer

Make a statement with a bold lip…

After something quick and easy, but also super glam? A bold lip is one of the simplest ways to elevate your look. A red lip is a classic go-to, but if that’s not your thing then any bright colour will do!  Be sure to pick up a matching lip liner to ensure you celebrate smudge-free all night long.

Recreate this look with: MAC Lipstick – Russian Red

Showcase your white eyeliner…

White eyeliner is perfect for that subtle, yet edgy look, all while making your eyes appear bigger, brighter and more open. Add a swipe of white liner along your waterline to give yourself that “I’ve had a full eight hours of sleep” look (even if you’re still reeling from silly season). Think about trying a winged liner if you’re after a more dramatic look.

Recreate this look with: Urban Decay – Glide-On Eye Pencil

Opt for a sun-kissed glow…

By now we’re all aware it’s an absolute “no-no” to go baking yourself in that summer sun, but that doesn’t mean you have to miss out on a gorgeous golden glow. This sun-kissed look is perfect for anyone who will be celebrating from day to night, and everything in between. Start with a dewy foundation and top that with a swipe of gold highlighter along the cheekbones to showcase your inner bronzed goddess.

Recreate this look with: Too Faced – Love Light Prismatic Highlighter

Get creative with graphic liner…

Want to take a step out of your makeup comfort zone this NYE? Graphic eyeliner is a great way to do that. At first glance this trend may look a little frightening, but don’t fret because you are free to amp it up or tone it down depending on your style and confidence in your makeup skills! Go for a black eyeliner if you’d rather a classic look, or experiment with some colour to have a little fun on the biggest night of the year.

Recreate this look with: Fenty Beauty – Flypencil Longwear Pencil Eyeliner in Purple Stuff

Tell us what makeup look you’ll be rocking this New Year’s Eve. Send us a DM on Instagram @centennialbeauty to let us know!

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