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Halsey Reveals Makeup Brand ‘About-Face’

Halsey Reveals Makeup Brand ‘About-Face’

Halsey is starting off the new year with an exciting business venture!

In an unlisted YouTube video posted to Reddit, the ‘Bad at Love’ singer revealed that she’s making her first major move into beauty with her very own makeup brand, about-face.

Launching with 11 multi-dimensional products, the 26-year-old says the concept for the brand spawned from her love of being “glowy and bronzy” which translates to a range filled with iridescent hues, shimmers, and bright pops of colour.

While the products are currently only available for pre-order, popular beauty news Instagram page, Trend Mood, shared snippets of what fans can expect— including liquid highlighters, pressed powders, liquid lipsticks, lip glosses, liquid eyeshadows, lip pencils, a mattifying setting spray, a blending tool, and a limited-edition cosmetics bag.

She also shared a password for her followers to use to access the about-face pre-order website: ABOUTSNEAKPEEK.

The brand’s ethos “every one, every where, every way” echos Halsey’s laidback, androgynous style. Earlier this year the bi-sexual artist dressed as rock icons David Bowie, Mick Jagger, Jimi Hendrix, and Bob Dylan to celebrate gender-fluidity for the cover of Advocate.

“I’ve always really identified with being an androgynous performer,” she told the publication. “I don’t identify as nonbinary or gender-fluid. I don’t personally feel like I’m at the point in my life where I’m prepared to identify that way. Will that change? Possibly. I don’t know. But I’ve never felt any reason to change the way that I refer to my gender identity.”

A launch date for about-face has not been announced at the time of publication. Check back for updates.

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