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Introducing The Natural Skincare Brand Taking On The Ordinary

Introducing The Natural Skincare Brand Taking On The Ordinary

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Having seen incomparable levels of success in the last 12 months, viral skincare company The Ordinary’s transparency, efficacy, and TikTok cult-following have given the brand a foothold amongst the skincare obsessed. However, when it comes to clean beauty there has truly been no equivalent to the beloved pharmacy brand…until now.

Ticking all the same boxes as The Ordinary and then some, Ingredients®’ point of difference is active, plant-based skincare with “radical transparency” at the forefront; an ethos that’s quickly become a non-negotiable for Gen Z consumers.

Developed as an overarching wellness brand focused on holistic health, Ingredients®’ farm-to-bottle skincare range delivers 100% active plant-based formulas. Utilising the likes of unrefined marula, rosehip seed and seabuckthorn fruit oils, the brand focuses on fewer ingredients with higher dosages. But what the brand puts into their products is just as important as what they leave out— namely water dilution, petrochemicals and synthetic preservatives. “[Our] formulas are deconstructed and use minimally processed ingredients to create separate water-based formulas and oil-based formulas. This eliminates the need for stabilising and binding chemicals found in the majority of skincare products, such as emulsifiers, texture enhancers [or] fillers,” explain founders Myriam and Eric Malka.

Thanks to the skinfluencers of YouTube and TikTok educating curious consumers about the breakdown of ingredients and percentages, what previously felt overwhelming to share is now necessary information to disclose to the Gen Z beauty customer. This is where Ingredients® shines: disclosing the exact percentage break down for each product front and centre on the packaging, further speaking to the brand’s “no bullshit” philosophy.

When it comes to clean beauty however (an ambiguous phrase to say the least), talking the talk and walking the walk are very different things, especially in 2021. Consumers not only expect transparency but an open alignment with social and political causes, proving values and beliefs by putting its metaphorical money where its mouth is. Where The Ordinary’s parent company, DECEIM champions social justice by fighting racial and gender inequality internally and externally, Ingredients® lives and breathes sustainability. One of the strictest in the industry, Ingredients® sources plants from trusted producers around the world with ideal soil and climate conditions to maintain the highest quality, while also ensuring natural certifications are met. The brand also regularly audits all vendors to verify ethical and sustainable farming practices are demonstrated.

“We all have the right to know exactly what we put on and in our bodies,” says Eric and Myriam of the simple and down-to-earth philosophy that drives the brand, a far cry from the Goop-esque association with wellness consumers have come to know. “All products contain only essential ingredients to maintain healthy skin— plant water, essential fatty acids, plant extracts, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals, amino acids, probiotics…[By providing] products with only plant-extracted ingredients, we want to empower everyone to reduce toxicity in their daily lives.”

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While the brand has only just been introduced to the Australian market, we anticipate they won’t be the new kid on the block for long.

Find more information on and shop Ingredients® here.

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