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Why Millie Bobby Brown’s Favourite Phone Should Be Yours, Too

Why Millie Bobby Brown’s Favourite Phone Should Be Yours, Too

From the critically-acclaimed Stranger Things to her affinity for clean beauty with namesake beauty line Florence by Mills, Millie Bobby Brown clearly knows a good thing when she sees it. And now, Mills can now add tech to her resume, in a new partnership with Samsung.

Launching only weeks ago with the Enola Holmes actress as the face, Samsung have shown off their innovative prowess, creative flair and ability to work in tune with Gen-Z, with the release of the Galaxy S20 Fan Edition (FE), the new flagship phone from the Korean brand.

Offering many new features, the Galaxy S20 FE combines an AI-powered camera, expandable storage, dust and water resistance, with the ability to personalise your aesthetic with six different colour options — no wonder Mills is a fan. Here’s all the reasons Millie Bobby Brown’s new favourite phone should be yours, too.

The camera

First things first, when it comes to the camera, the S20 FE is strides ahead of its competition. With three rear cameras, the phone offers 30X Space Zoom (your current phone likely only has 10X), offering regular, wide angle and ultra wide angle options; meaning your concert pics of Harry Styles will look like you were in the front row, even from the nosebleeds.  

Additionally, the FE boasts night mode, multi-frame processing with AI and a 32 megapixel front camera (which means selfies two and a half times better than what you’ve been taking). While that all sounds very it technical, it basically means the camera stabilises (goodbye blurriness), colour adjusts and brightens in low light, so you can focus on snapping and recording, documenting your favourite memories, outfits, and creating high quality close up videos for TikTok.

With all those extra photos and videos you’ll be taking, storage is important and honestly something no one ever seems to have enough of. Consider that problem taken care of with up to 128GB of phone storage built in and expandable to 1 terabyte (that’s 1000GB or a quarter of a million photos, for those not in the know) with a microSD card. 

The colours

Personalisation is the name of the game in 2020, and what better way to express yourself than with the colour of your most loved accessory (especially considering how often it features in mirror selfies). Whether your personal style is minimal or maximal, the Galaxy S20 FE has a vibrant, pastel or neutral option to suit; with the phone available in Cloud Red, Cloud Orange, Cloud Lavender, Cloud Mint, Cloud Navy and Cloud White. 

Plus, with a premium textured haze effect, the casing will minimise fingerprints and smudges, keeping you looking clean and chic at all times, thankyou Samsung. 

The price 

Given all of the above, especially in comparison to competitors, the accessible price makes the Samsung Galaxy S20 FE wildly appealing. With 5G capability (including access to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate), you can get your hands on the FE from $1,149 or $999 with 4G capability. 

With all that said, the only way to fully understand the benefits of a top tier phone at an accessible price is to get your hands on it yourself. And trust us, you’ll wanna get your hands on this.

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