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Kendall Jenner’s Tequila Brand Slammed For Cultural Appropriation

Kendall Jenner’s Tequila Brand Slammed For Cultural Appropriation

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Updated 18th February.

Kweens of branding, the Kardashian-Jenners are no strangers to developing their own labels. From Skims to POOSH to Kylie Cosmetics…and now 818.

Kendall Jenner announced via Instagram that she has spent the last three and a half years travelling to testings, tasting and developing her own brand of tequila. The model sharing that the drink has become the beverage of choice for her family and friends.

She also reveals that in the process of creating the “best tasting tequila” she won a number of world tasting competitions.

According to the brand’s Instagram account, the spirit is handcrafted in Tequila, Jalisco, Mexico and features 100% blue weber agave. As mentioned in Kenny’s announcement post, the spirit anonymously took out best in its class for the Chairman’s trophy, receiving a near-perfect score– putting it in line with Tequila Ocho as the best tasting tequila of 2020.

A bottle of the brew is also expected to cost $59.99 USD. Where it will be available is TBC.

However, despite Kenny’s best and most secretive intentions, a clever TikToker put the pieces together well before the announcement– even going so far as creating an 18-part series about the brand over the last month. The series includes Hannah Farrell hilariously documenting each time the brand Instagram account followed a new celebrity (will Stanley Tucci be the first official 818 ambassador?), amongst other little Easter eggs, all to the Mission Impossible theme song and always tagging Kris Jenner.

While there is no official launch date from Kenny (or Hannah), it seems Kendall’s newest venture has landed her in hot water before it is even available to buy. Since Kenny’s announcement, industry watchdog Diet Prada has posted, drawing attention to the fact that the Mexican and Latinx community are less than enthusiastic about the product launch.

As Diet Prada quotes an Instagram comment on Kendall’s post, “Tequila production is traditionally a family business in Mexico. I think it’s disgusting that another rich white celeb is appropriating Mexican culture with the audacity to think you’re making it better than Mexicans.” Another read, “So basically all you did was try tequilas other people made until you liked one a lot?”

While this does raise the question whether George Clooney amongst other celebrities with alcohol brands are being held accountable to the same degree… it is worth maintaining the pressure in ensuring 818 is subject to fair work standards, and appropriate pay.

Stand by for updates on 818.

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