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Jeffree Star’s Skincare Range Is Finally Here

Jeffree Star’s Skincare Range Is Finally Here

Jeffree Star Skin

Jeffree Star is making waves this week with the reveal of his long-awaited (and thoroughly pink) skincare line, Jeffree Star Skin.

True to form, the OG beauty guru announced his line of seven skincare staples by posting a YouTube video, where he talked through and demonstrated each product on his own skin.

As his first skincare drop, Jeffree explained that he is starting with the basics, leaving plenty of room to expand in the future.

“When I wanted to approach this line, I said let’s just start with the basics. Let’s start with an easy routine that I have been doing forever,” he said.

The line consists of a makeup remover, cleanser, toner, eye cream, moisturiser, lip mask, and face mist, all priced between $16-32 USD. Overall, the products target dryness and dullness, containing ingredients such as niacinamide, squalane, algaes, and fruit extracts.

Jeffree proudly claimed that none of his products contain “fake added fragrances”, and that all scents are from real extracts.

Many fans left comments of praise on his video, impressed with Jeffree’s knowledge and dedication to his newest venture. 

“I like how Jeffree puts a lot of effort into his products and actually knows what skincare is and what ingredients [are] good for the skin,” one viewer commented.

“Holy crap he actually showed a real demo and his ingredients aren’t crap. Other influencers should take note,” another said.

With the all-pink packaging, some people have made comparisons to Kylie Jenner’s skincare line Kylie Skin.

However, the vast majority of Jeffree’s Twitter fans seem to be excited to get their hands on the line.

Jeffree Star Skin will be available to purchase on from February 25th.

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