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Patrick Starrr Is “Giving Up” On Social Media 

Patrick Starrr Is “Giving Up” On Social Media

Patrick Starrr is seemingly taking a step back from social media. 

The beauty guru posted to his YouTube channel explaining why he is “over” social media. In a video titled, “I’m giving up on social media,” Patrick reflected on how his life and the influencer space has changed since he started his YouTube channel in 2013. 

Instead of filming a traditional sit-down video that audiences have come to expect for serious videos, Patrick only spoke briefly. 

“I know I haven’t been as active and posting [on social media]”, Patrick confesses. 

He went on to explain how “the algorithm has changed” and “Instagram isn’t as favourable” as it once was for content creators. Despite these changes, Patrick says that social media has always been a space where he can express himself, which is something he hopes can continue. 

But he notes how his priorities have shifted since launching his beauty brand, ONE/SIZE

“My business has expanded so beyond my wildest dreams, and that’s why I have fallen out of love with social media”, the beauty guru explains. 

He goes on to clarify that he is not “leaving” social media but wishes to change the direction of his content. “I just want to share what I’m working on now,” he says. “If you guys don’t see me as present, it’s because I am doing a bunch of other things.”

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After the almost three-minute introduction, the video cuts to behind-the-scenes footage of ONE/SIZE’s newest product launch. Vlogging the photoshoot for the Beauty Blur Cream, Patrick hoped to show his viewers what makes him happy beyond social media. 

Closing out the video, Patrick speaks to the shift in his content for 2022.

“At first, I was ashamed to talk about my decline on social media”, he admits. “But I don’t see any decline. I just see gains and a more mature me, a more expressive me, a more adult side of me, and I’m excited to share that with you.”

We are so ready for this new era and a more authentic Patrick Starrr. 

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