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Jeffree Star Responds To Cremated Collection Backlash

Jeffree Star Responds To Cremated Collection Backlash

Hi, new controversy, how are ya?

Last week, Jeffree Star revealed the latest makeup release for his eponymous brand called the ‘Cremated Collection.’

In his reveal video, Jeffree says the concept for Cremated was influenced by his “gothic days.” He references his high school makeup style and his former music career, when he often did promotional shoots in cemeteries and graveyards, as inspiration for the collection.

The collection includes four lip glosses, two marble makeup bags (in white or black), a metal straw set, and the product everyone’s been waiting for, the Cremated eyeshadow palette.

YouTube / Jeffree Star

Though Jeffree’s launches are typically met with excitement, Cremated has come under fire because of its controversial theme.

Many fans are berating Jeffree, calling the collection’s concept “tone-deaf” and “insensitive” during a global pandemic when thousands of families are forced to cremate loved ones without the opportunity to say goodbye.

While Jeffree claims they began development for the collection in September 2019, some feel the brand should have pushed the launch to a more appropriate time. However, there is speculation that Jeffree and his team chose to stick with the current launch date to purposefully create a stir, thus resulting in more publicity for the release.

Any publicity is good publicity, right?

Others take issue with the palette’s colour story. In his reveal video, Jeffree says nothing like this has ever been created before, however, many argue the Cremated palette is almost an exact replica of the Urban Decay Naked Smoky palette.

Fans also note that most of the shades in the Cremated palette are too light to show up on darker skin tones.

Of course, some Jeffree stans are excited for the launch and believe those upset over the collection’s theme are being overly sensitive.

After a week of staying relatively silent on the matter (aside from the occasional subtweet), Jeffree has now responded.

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In his latest video with bestie LipsickNick, the beauty mogul addresses the backlash before diving into a makeup look using the Cremated palette.

“It takes months and months and months, sometimes a year plus, to actually make a product,” he starts. “For me, this is art and I never come from a negative place.”

He explains that he created Jeffree Star Cosmetics to “make people smile” and for all the “weirdos” to make them feel like they belong. “In no way was this created to be offensive, ever.”

Jeffree goes on to say that he created the concept over a year ago and trademarked it in September 2019. He says the launch of the collection was already pushed back nearly two months due to COVID-19, but he made the executive decision to release it now.

“If I were to try to move Cremated, it wouldn’t fit anywhere in this year,” he says of the production process. He says to delay Cremated any longer would mean a Fall 2021 release, which would result in selling palettes that were old and near expired.

He finishes by noting that he understands if his fans are sensitive to this collection and that everyone’s entitled to their own feelings and opinions.

Regardless of the backlash, we’re sure the latest Jeffree Star Cosmetics release will sell out in minutes, as they always do.

The JSC Cremated Collection will be available May 22nd exclusive to

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