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Jeffree Star Cosmetics Is Expanding Into Skincare

Jeffree Star Cosmetics Is Expanding Into Skincare

Looks like Jeffree Star is back to business as usual!

Off the back of his 10-minute non-apology video (that left fans even more confused), Jeffree Star announced this morning that his namesake brand, Jeffree Star Cosmetics, is planning for a very exciting 2021.

The controversial beauty mogul revealed via Twitter that he’s ready to focus on the future— namely, a new chapter for JSC as the brand embarks on skincare.

“Today we’re having a huge product development meeting for the iconic Jeffree Star Skin Care line launching in 2021!,” he wrote.

While he didn’t share any more details, we can only assume the line will include a full range of products as Jeffree doesn’t do anything small.

Despite hitting nearly 40,000 likes on the tweet, fan response has been mixed. As usual, Jeffree stans are excited for the launch and happy Jeffree seems to be putting the beauty community drama behind him. However, many feel Jeffree is using this announcement to deflect from his past scandals and the negativity surrounding his recent apology video.

“The same person who has said time and time again is doing exactly what he’s bitching about,” one user wrote. “Creating extreme problems and then moving on as if nothing has happened.”

Another replied to someone defending Jeffree and explained she used to be a fan and is still waiting for a “real apology.”

User @judgymusician pointed out that Jeffree has been copyright striking YouTube videos that include explanations on his past problematic behaviour and accuses the star of not taking proper accountability.

Fellow beauty influencers have also spoken out about Jeffree’s announcement. Skincare expert @skincarebyhyram tweeted, “Well I guess I already have one brand I’m placing on my ‘Do Not Review in 2021’ list.”

While beauty review YouTuber Jen Luvs Reviews wrote, “If a skin care line drops in the forest and no skincare influencers review it, did it really drop?”— implying review channels will avoid promoting JSC Skin Care.

Regardless of the controversy, we are sure JSC Skin Care will sell out in minutes.

Check back for updates on Jeffree Star Skin Care.

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