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Everything We Know About Addison Rae’s Fragrance Brand

Everything We Know About Addison Rae’s Fragrance Brand

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Updated November 5th, 2021.

Off the back of a wildly successful acting debut, the announcement of a multi-film contract with Netflix and ITEM Beauty officially landing in Sephora, Addison Rae is continuing to build her resume — recently sharing she will be moving into the world of fragrance.

Having shared both a post and a story from the brand Instagram account prior to launch, Addison revealed that the product was coming soon and will deliver “a new way to experience fragrance”.

Now, the TikTok star has shared exactly what we can expect from her latest product range — that being “three water-based scents with ingredients scientifically proven to boost your mood.” Presumably the first of many, the AF Range features three scents that are based on emotions. Likened to mood rings, the packaging also boasts the unique ability to change colour with heat, a component designed to create an “all round, multi-sensory experience”.

The fragrances currently available to shop include Happy AF, Chill AF and Hyped AF and feature ingredients such as nectarine blossom and mandarin for mood boosting, lily of the valley and sandalwood for a moment of calm and pink lychee and red grapefruit for a “daily dose of euphoria.”

Coined “scented self-care” the fragrances are also clean, vegan and cruelty-free, alcohol free and safe for sensitive skin.

With her move into fragrance, the actress and TikTok star’s latest project makes complete sense— combining her experience in the beauty industry (as co-founder of ITEM), with her recent moves in the fashion world, such as attending her first Met Gala and partnering with Pandora on their latest collection.

The fragrances are available to shop at with early access available on the 4th November, 2021.

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