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Patrick Starrr Addresses “Shady” Rare Beauty Review

Patrick Starrr Addresses “Shady” Rare Beauty Review

Patrick Starrr has come under fire for his negative review of Selena Gomez’s new beauty brand, Rare Beauty.

Despite receiving rave reviews across the viral space this week, beauty guru Patrick Starrr had mostly unfavourable things to say about the new brand in his latest video, ‘What I think of Selena Gomez’s Rare Beauty Line.’

Amongst his criticisms, Patrick also plugged his own beauty brand, ONE/SIZE, a number of times. He used his own eyeshadow palette at the start of the video and even went as far as to show a side-by-side comparison of the competing eyeliners, leading fans to believe he was intentionally being shady. Both ONE/SIZE and Rare Beauty are new launches exclusively sold at Sephora.

YouTube / Patrick Starrr

Take a squizz at the comment section, and it’s obvious people are unhappy with Patrick’s review, calling the YouTuber bias, salty, and calculated. The viral personality disabled the ‘like to dislike’ ratio on the video after seeing the response from fans.

Rare Beauty has since responded to Patrick’s review, tweeting that everyone has “different preferences” and asked critics to show him “nothing but love.”

Now, Patrick has addressed his Rare Beauty review and the backlash in a series of Instagram stories.

“It was no way, um, to me negative that I hate the brand,” he says. “It’s just in terms of preference.” Patrick doubles down on his review, but explains that he’s personally used to mattifying, full coverage products whereas Rare Beauty leans more natural.

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The star then asks his audience, “Do I then, given celebrities a pass because they’re a celebrity or do I give my authentic review?” He also claims he “fucking loves” the blush and suggests that next time, he will try a range off-camera before sharing his review.

“I do apologise if I offended any body,” Patrick says before admitting that he only used his eyeshadow palette in the video because Rare Beauty has yet to release eyeshadow. He ends by explaining that he often avoids addressing controversy for his own mental health, but wanted to be transparent with his audience in order to build a stronger relationship and improve his channel.

Regardless of his review, ONE/SIZE has also received positive accolades for its products launched to date.

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