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Fans Are Defending Natalia Dyer After TikTok Creator Suggests Cosmetic Surgery Procedures

Fans Are Defending Natalia Dyer After TikTok Creator Suggests Cosmetic Surgery Procedures

After the Noah Schnapp and Doja Cat saga earlier this month, another Stranger Things star is making waves online. 

It all started when Miranda Wilson (a.k.a @np.miranda) shared a TikTok explaining the cosmetic procedures she would recommend for Natalia Dyer, the 27-year-old actress who plays Nancy Wheeler. 

With 40.8k followers at the time of publication, Miranda is a certified aesthetic nurse practitioner injector known for sharing content on plastic surgery alongside anti-aging and beauty tips. 

“So if I were Natalia’s injector, this is what I would do,” Miranda begins. 

“We’d start by treating those masseters to help slim the face…Next, I would actually add a bit of chin filler just to help fill out her chin,” she goes on to say. “I would add just a little bit to the lips, and then we’d get in there and do a little bit of botox… I’d give her a nice brow lift to help open up her eyes.”

Before ending the video, Miranda shared a photoshopped image of the actress before and after the procedures.

Viewers were quick to criticise Miranda for offering her unsolicited recommendations on Natalia’s facial features, leading her to take down the TikTok. However, the since-deleted video has gone viral on Twitter, with many pop culture enthusiasts coming to Natalia’s defence. 

Twitter user @Amorthebaby wrote, “Natalia Dyer is very beautiful, there’s nothing wrong with her face. I hate how this era of filters and plastic surgeries have made people feel like everyone that’s different looking needs to be ‘corrected’.”

Another user pointed to the gendered nature of Miranda’s video, suggesting that surgeons (and society) are quicker to push women toward plastic surgery than men. 

“I’m willing to bet a million dollars that the plastic surgeon listing all the changes she’d make to Natalia Dyer’s face probably thinks Timothee Chalamet is perfect,” they wrote in a Tweet.

Miranda has since taken to TikTok in an attempt to clear the air. 

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“I did not mean to offend anyone, including Natalia… I was simply just offering suggestions, not on what you have to do, just on what the possibilities are,” she explains in a TikTok video. 

Sharing an example of these “possibilities,” Miranda went on to outline what cosmetic work she had done before sharing a picture of her natural features. 


#greenscreen hoping to clear the air that I was not suggesting that Natalia NEEDED any of that work it was just an example. Of course Natalia is absolutely stunning the way she is…that’s why she’s so successful. Her photo was simply an example. Im sorry if peole took that as being mean or rude, that was not my intent at all

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From the “BBL Effect” trend last year to the growth of celebrity plastic surgery “call out” accounts, the commentary around Miranda’s video reflects a new type of content that has come to dominate social media: plastic surgery analysis. 

Pioneered by the likes of Lorry Hill and Dr Lee, these creators have gone viral for speculating about the cosmetic surgeries that celebrities have had to change their faces or body. By sharing photos of public figures “before and after” their alleged procedures, these creators show how even the most beautiful people surgically alter themselves to fit the ever-changing beauty ideals

With these influencers normalising discussion around plastic surgery, they have helped expose long-held Hollywood secrets and contextualised society’s seemingly unattainable beauty standards. However, with this type of content democratising plastic surgery, a slippery slope looms – one that normalises criticism of natural beauty and “undesirable” facial features. 

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