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Doja Cat Calls Out Noah Schnapp For Sharing DMs About Co-Star Joseph Quinn

Doja Cat Calls Out Noah Schnapp For Sharing DMs About Co-Star Joseph Quinn

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Updated 14th July, 2022

With the record breaking premiere of Stranger Things Season 4 came a host of new characters entering our beloved Hawkins universe. From The Mortal Instruments‘ Jamie Campbell Bower to Booksmart’s Eduardo Franco— however, none have garnered more attention than Hellfire leader Eddie Munson, played by Joseph Quinn.

And it seems not even celebrities are immune to his charm— as veteran of the show Noah Schnapp (Will Byers) recently shared on TikTok.

Posted one day ago (at the time of publication), Noah shared a video which included a screenshot of DMs between himself and Doja Cat, Doja asking Noah to “tell Joseph to hmu”. She follows by asking if Joseph has a girlfriend, to which Noah replied “LMAOO slide into his dms”. Doja continues “I don’t know his [Instagram] or Twitter. He doesn’t have a DM to slide in.” Noah then forwarded Doja Joseph’s verified Instagram account, with the message “Right here ma’am”.

Not the first time Doja has expressed interest in Joseph Quinn— the Grammy Award winning artist tweeted “joseph quinn fine as shit” on May 31st, in line with the release of Volume 1 of the fourth season. A fan then shared a photo with the comment “Doja look how fine Joseph Quinn is”, to which she replied “it’s fucking criminal.”

However, with Noah Schnapp’s TikTok understandably having gone viral (25.7 million views at time of publication), fans of both Doja Cat and Joseph Quinn have descended into a frenzy on Twitter and TikTok, possibly prompting the artist to comment on the exposed messages.

In a recent TikTok live, Doja made the statement: “The fact that Noah did that […] is so unbelievably socially unaware and wack. That’s like borderline snake shit. He shared information that I didn’t feel comfortable with him sharing… It feels like a weird power play. I already said some shit to him.” Commentary accounts on TikTok, including @theofficialangeIt, have since contextualised the quotes, explaining that Doja also acknowledged both his age (17), that people do make mistakes and that she is trying to be chill about it. Many have criticised accounts like @PopBase that broke the news, for the lack of context in sharing the quote from Doja Cat’s live.

At the time of publication, Joseph Quinn has not publicly responded to Doja Cat or commented on the ongoing saga involving co-star Noah Schnapp. And while discourse surrounding who is at fault is divided, it seems Noah Schnapp has come out on top— the Stranger Things star gaining 1 million followers on Instagram since the controversy began, while Doja Cat, according to Social Blade has lost 200,000 followers.

If one thing has been made clear however, it’s that Joseph Quinn’s star is definitely rising, and he has no shortage of willing suitors.

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