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Doja Cat Comes For YouTuber Lorry Hill After Speculations Of Plastic Surgery

Doja Cat Comes For YouTuber Lorry Hill After Speculations Of Plastic Surgery

Doja Cat Comes For Lorry Hill

The gloves are off and the claws are out! Gen Z’s favourite rapper, Doja Cat has come for YouTuber Lorry Hill after Lorry made a video speculating on plastic surgery procedures that Doja Cat has had done.

In the video, which has since been deleted, Lorry compared photos of Doja Cat from 2014 and 2020, layering the photos on top of each other to track the changes in her face. 

After discovering the video, Doja Cat was clearly upset, going live on Instagram yesterday to address the situation. Watching from her laptop, Doja Cat replayed Lorry’s video during the livestream, pausing to comment on what was being said.

“It’s about this b*tch, Lorry Hill, talking about people’s bodies, talking about people’s surgery,” she said.

“You wanna sit there in your f*cking chair talking about how this girl and that girl and this girl got this and that done. B*tch, look at you. You got work to do right now,” she continued.

Doja Cat seemed to be the most upset about the potential for Lorry’s video to mislead her fans.

“All these people in the comments sections – the first one is like an obviously really devoted fan of mine, and they’re like ‘I could definitely tell she had work done after she made it big’. Would they have said that […] regardless of [the video]?” she asked.

While Doja Cat was rightfully angry with Lorry making speculations about her appearance, many people have brought up the respectful tone and attitude that Lorry has towards celebrities and plastic surgery.

In the beginning of all Lorry’s videos, she opens with a number of disclaimers that make her position clear.

“Whenever I speculate on celebrities’ plastic surgery, it’s always just my opinion only, and never based on fact,” Lorry said in the opening of her video about Zendaya.

“Never use these celebrity analysis videos as a way to send hate, expose or shame a celebrity. There is nothing wrong with having plastic surgery – I’ve had my own plastic surgery. […] This channel takes the stance that plastic surgery is neither good nor bad – it’s completely neutral.” she said.

Fans have even turned on Doja Cat after hearing the way she spoke about Lorry in the livestream, pointing out that while Lorry is very respectful in all her videos, Doja Cat directly attacked Lorry and her appearance using harsh and vulgar language.

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Throughout the livestream, Doja Cat repeatedly called Lorry “dumb”, “blind” and a “b*tch”, and made jabs at her appearance.

“This response has really altered my perspective of Doja. Her attitude and choice of words is SO beyond disrespectful and immature. Lorry has ALWAYS been respectful to whichever celebrity she discusses and makes it clear that she is not slandering anyone for plastic surgery because she herself has had multiple plastic surgeries. This rancid response makes Doja look like an incredibly arrogant and insecure bully,” one viewer commented.

After seeing Doja Cat’s livestream, which was recorded and re-uploaded by many people, Lorry took down her video.

As a community post on her YouTube channel, Lorry wrote, “It was brought to my attention that Doja Cat has seen my video where I shared my opinion on possible procedures she may have had. She expressed that she felt hurt by the video and since it is never my intention to hurt anyone I have taken the video down without hesitation.” 

Neither Doja Cat nor Lorry have spoken further about this incident at the time of publication.

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