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Emma Chamberlain Announces Break From YouTube

Emma Chamberlain Announces Break From YouTube

YouTube queen Emma Chamberlain has announced that she will be taking a break from posting videos for the next few weeks.

In a community post on her 10.4 million subscribers, Emma explained that she will be “taking a few more weeks to think” about how she can “evolve” and “make things that truly excite [her]”.

In the post, she says “I need to take my own advice on taking a break when it’s needed”, but reassures her fans that the break “isn’t a negative thing”.

This announcement comes one week after another community post she made a week ago, explaining that she had taken the week off and would not be posting a video that week.

Prior to this, Emma had been regularly posting vlog-style videos once a week on her YouTube channel.

Emma Chamberlain / YouTube

Fans have flooded the comments section with support, affirming her decision and agreeing that it is important for Emma to put herself first.

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One fan commented, “Take all the time you need girl, we’ll always be here, it’s so encouraging and important to see you taking a very well deserved break!! ((:”

Another fan said, “We are too supportive to be selfish. You’ve given us so much of your time and effort, we love and appreciate you!! Have a nice little break ❤️❤️”

While fans will miss Emma on YouTube, they can be sure to keep up with her on Instagram where she seems to be most active. 

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