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Emma Chamberlain Debuts Bangin’ New Hairstyle

Emma Chamberlain Debuts Bangin’ New Hairstyle

Bad news for anyone who just got curtain bangs!

YouTube style queen Emma Chamberlain just debuted full-frontal bangs, so looks like this is the new on-trend hairstyle for the foreseeable future.

Styled by celebrity hairstylist, Laura Polko, it’s unclear whether Emma’s bangin’ new ‘do is a permanent transformation or a temporary change for a shoot.

Either way, we’re obsessed with Emma’s off-duty Parisian model vibes.

The Gen Z influencer is a trendsetter in every sense of the word, with fans hyping her up, leaving comments in all-caps like, “BYE SHE LOOKS SO GOOD”, and “SOMEONE SEND TISSUES IM CRYING”.

It was only January this year when Emma first teased her curtain bangs on Instagram, causing all the commotion we would expect. Her curtain bangs’ debut garnered over 2.6 million likes— becoming her most-liked Instagram post this year.

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But with her new chop (whether permanent or not), we predict this is the official cue for curtain bangs to exit stage left and make way for a new hair trend.

We don’t make the rules. But Emma certainly does!

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