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TikTok Answers Burning Question: Do Women Actually Have Hobbies?

TikTok Answers Burning Question: Do Women Actually Have Hobbies?

Do Women Have Hobbies

On this week’s episode of #malemoments, we address the burning question: do women have any hobbies?

This question has unironically been brought to us by life coach for “young kings”, #entrepreneur and high-value male, Jack Denmo of the Good Bro Bad Bro podcast.

“How many girls [that] you know actually have hobbies?” he posits with a straight face.

The now-deleted video has been stitched over a thousand times, mostly by women, with responses ranging from amusement to mockery.


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Mans even got memed by Doja Cat.

This one seemingly harmless question has quite literally triggered many people to unpack the problematic assumptions behind the idea that women just don’t have hobbies.

Not being seen as real people

One of the more comical ways women have stitched this video is to show themselves pacing around their room or staring into space, calling out the insinuation that women don’t actually do anything in their spare time. Not being seen as people with any real depth or interests, this question paints women as side characters that only exist in the presence of men.

Women do have hobbies, they are just made fun of for them

Many people have also pointed out that women do have hobbies, but they are often deemed frivolous and silly compared to the real hobbies of men. An interest in fashion makes you materialistic, a love for horses makes you a horse girl, and being a fan of your favourite band is cringey.

Women can have hobbies, but only if they are productive and domestic

In the full clip, Jack goes on to praise women who know how to knit. 

“Some girls they knit or they read or something,” his co-host says.

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“Shoutout to girls that knit,” Jack replies, naming his mother, aunts, and grandmother who apparently all know how to knit.

“Women back in the day just learned how to do things that are important, such as knit, cook, bake, run a household. These are all feminine nurturing qualities that men love,” he goes on to say.

Yikes. TikTok users have pointed out that “back in the day” and even in the current day, many of those things are not hobbies at all, but work— specifically gendered “women’s work” to support their families and to support men. While there is nothing wrong with enjoying knitting, cooking, and baking as a hobby, Jack’s view of these things as “feminine nurturing qualities” points to an expectation that women’s hobbies can only be domestic and productive, rather than for pure enjoyment or interest.

And his pointing out that men “love” these domestic activities is just the icing on the cake.


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Whether he’s completely ignorant and totally arrogant, we’re pretty sure Jack can consider his question well and truly answered.

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