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The Correct Way To Do The Viral TikTok Foundation Hack

The Correct Way To Do The Viral TikTok Foundation Hack

If you spend any time on TikTok, then chances are you’re familiar with the foundation hack going viral that has our #foryoupage looking snatched.

In case you’ve somehow managed to avoid this wildly popular trend, the hack encourages makeup lovers to apply their base in the following order: moisturiser, translucent powder, setting spray, primer, and finally foundation.

This hack was shared in an original video by user @ridaaaamat on February 29th. It’s since been replicated over 6,000 times on the platform, with top videos amassing over 10 million views each.

TikTok / @ridaaaamat

Makeup lovers across Twitter and Reddit have also tried applying their base in this order. The general consensus across social media is that this viral foundation hack really works. Users everywhere are claiming their foundation looks airbrushed and flawless without looking cakey and best of all, it stays locked in all day.

Though the original audio states this technique is not new, makeup artists are now expressing their disdain as the technique shared on TikTok is also apparently not explained in the correct order.

Now, highly-respected Pro MUA and YouTuber Robert Welsh is setting the record straight. In his latest video reacting to viral TikTok makeup hacks, Robert explains exactly how this technique should be done.

“Here’s the deal, yes it does work,” he starts. “It’s not a new technique, it might be like, trending at the moment but this is a very old makeup technique.”

Robert goes on to say this is a popular technique amongst YouTubers like himself, Wayne Goss and Jackie Aina because it works really well for oily skin. “Dry skins, I would absolutely not try this technique… It’s really, really great for oilier skin because it completely almost like, dries out a layer of skin.”

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Essentially, the layer of powder acts as a barrier to soak up oil before it can reach your foundation and break it down throughout the day.

However, Robert confirms that the hack we see on TikTok is not in the correct order. “That’s not the correct way to do it— it should be moisturiser, primer, then powder and if you want to, a setting spray.”

Step-by-step, here’s how Robert suggests you try this technique:

  1. Do your skincare first, including moisturiser
  2. Apply primer
  3. Apply your powder and setting spray, or Robert suggests using a setting spray like MAC Fix+ Matte as it’s a setting spray with powder in it already
  4. Wait a few minutes— you want the powder to become part of your skin
  5. Go in with foundation

So there you have it! The viral TikTok foundation hack, debunked.

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