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Charly Jordan Claims She Is “Locked” In Rwanda After Testing Positive For COVID-19

Charly Jordan Claims She Is “Locked” In Rwanda After Testing Positive For COVID-19

Charly Jordan says she’s been held in a Rwanda hotel room for the last five days after testing positive for the novel Coronavirus.

The influencer, who currently lives with Tana Mongeau, reportedly traveled to Rwanda, Africa with a group of friends after being cleared by doctors in America. In an Instagram story, Charly claimed the trip was in partnership with a gorilla conservation group to bring awareness to endangered species and struggling animal habitats.

However, three days into the trip, Charly says she received a false-positive COVID-19 result after she and her friends were tested upon arrival in the country.

In an emotional TikTok video, the viral star details what happened next, claiming she was “dragged away” and locked in a room to isolate. She also reveals she already had Coronavirus three and a half months ago.

“Literally the fucking government showed up at my place and came and dragged me away from everybody I was with and I don’t speak the language and they came and locked me in this fucking room and I can’t leave,” she explains to her TikTok followers. “It’s really scary. I don’t know why I have it again.”

Despite receiving support from fans, Charly has also been subject to a barrage of backlash. People are criticising the influencer for traveling during a global pandemic, as well as her reaction to being put in government-mandated quarantine— a practice many countries are currently following.

“Not an American TikTok-er crying about bringing COVID to a developing country and not being able to smoke weed,” tweeted British writer Camilla Blackett. Charly followed up her original TikTok with a video explaining that she smokes weed everyday to help with her anxiety and depression, so going without it while in lockdown has been challenging.

Charly continued to document her experience in quarantine across social media and after confirming she received a false-positive, the influencer was told she would be released the following day.

In her most recent TikTok, the star explained how she ended up with a false positive, saying, “We were all tested two days before leaving, we were all confirmed negative as well as testing right when we landed in Rwanda in quarantine before being fully let into the country and all those tests came back negative.”

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“Three days later upon taking another test to leave the country, my test results came back positive, in which case we were immediately quarantined,” she continued. “I was given another test less than 10 hours later which came back negative and in accordance to Rwandan government policy, I took another test two days later which also came back negative, confirming that my first test was a false-positive.”


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Charly claims she and her travel group took all safety precautions outlined by both the Rwandan and U.S. governments to ensure the trip was safe— incluidng wearing masks in public and washing hands frequently.

Charly is scheduled to be released from quarantine today and will hopefully remain on American soil until the global health crisis eases.

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