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Charly Jordan And Logan Paul Are Reportedly Dating

Charly Jordan And Logan Paul Are Reportedly Dating

Could this be social media’s new power couple?

According to several sources, YouTube star Logan Paul and influencer Charly Jordan are allegedly dating.

Rumours began swirling about the potential new couple after fans reported that Charly traveled to New York with Logan. She also attended Jake Paul’s fight on April 17th against former MMA champion Ben Askre where she was spotted sitting next to Logan and close to the Paul brothers’ mother.

Just last month, Charly announced her split from boyfriend Tayler Holder in a sit-down video on his YouTube channel.

“It ended really good between us. I feel like it’s important that everybody knows that, that things can end in a positive way,” Charly said. “And it’s not because anything bad happened. It’s just, we’re both living super different lives right now.” 

Despite the amicable announcement, things got messy between the TikTok stars weeks later when the first episode of Tayler’s Instagram reality show, House of Creators, aired April 6th. The first episode featured Tayler crying on the floor over his split.

This prompted fans to send Charly a lot of hate, to which she responded on Instagram stories, insisting there are two sides to every story and the narrative pushed in House of Creators was one-sided. Charly later claimed that Tayler refused to clarify to fans that the breakup was mutual after she started receiving a lot of hate.

Fast forward to Saturday night when Tayler, who was also present at Jake Paul’s fight, posted an ominous tweet which many believe was about Charly and Logan’s possible new relationship.

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“It’s crazy how fast someone can fuck your night up,” he wrote.

Logan was recently involved in his own public relationship drama back in March when Bryce Hall said Logan was hanging out with his ex Addison Rae on the BFFs podcast. Bryce is also allegedly involved with Logan’s ex-girlfriend Josie Canseco. Confusing, we know.

Neither Logan nor Charly have confirmed the relationship rumours at the time of publication.

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