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Bryce Hall Responds To Verbal Assault Accusations By TikTok Creator

Bryce Hall Responds To Verbal Assault Accusations By TikTok Creator

Bryce Hall has once again come under fire after a TikTok user accused the social media star of verbally assaulting her and her friends while they were at a bar. 

On August 1st 2022, Tatum Dahl, who goes by the username @tatedoll on the platform, posted a video with text which read, “Thinking about how one night my girlfriend and I got verbally assaulted by Bryce Hall.”

Tatum went on to add that Bryce had asked them for a bottle of vodka and when they didn’t hand it to him fast enough, he allegedly verbally assaulted Tatum and her friends. 

“And the best insult he could come up with was calling us two USC bitches and letting us know he ‘made millions a week’.” The text across her video ended with, “Anyways, that was rough, men/ new money are gross.”


Never experienced confrontation like that EVER. Also havent gone iut in weho since like EW 😂😂

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As the video gained momentum on TikTok over the past two days, Tatum’s followers took to the comment section to show their support. One of her followers commented, “how is he [Bryce] not embarrassed?” Tatum replied, “honestly he was blacked out, so [he probably] doesn’t recall.”

Other commenters decided to bring the post to Bryce’s attention with dozens of tags, resulting in a response from the creator himself. 

“So sad how u can say ANYTHING negative about me and people will just believe it,” Bryce wrote. Tatum was quick to respond to this, replying to his comment with, “yes, king gaslight me.”

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It’s not exactly the first time that Bryce has been called out for ‘bad behaviour’. Back in 2021, fellow ex-Sway boy Noah Beck told GQ that Bryce was not “brand safe” after the TikTok star had developed a scandalous reputation for himself that included bar fights and violating COVID-19 restrictions.  

However, fans are still on the fence about whether or not Tatum’s allegations are true. In response to a post about the exchange between Bryce and Tatum on @tiktoksinsiders, one commenter said, “idk who to believe. it sounds like bryce but at the same time, it doesn’t bc his dad was extremely abusive to his mom. and ppl lie all the time for clout. so i don’t know.”

Another Instagram user took a more neutral stance writing, “i think if both parties were drunk it’s likely that things came off wrong/were taken wrong idk tho.” 

Regardless of the speculation, Bryce seems to be unbothered and continues to post his usual TikToks, including tagging Charli D’Amelio in a ‘put a finger down challenge’ video featuring Chase Hudson’s (Charli’s ex) new single “All the Things I Hate About You”.

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