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Bryce Hall Responds To Claims He’s Not “Brand-Safe”

Bryce Hall Responds To Claims He’s Not “Brand-Safe”

Bryce Hall is setting the record straight.

The TikTok star clapped back at fellow ex-Sway member Noah Beck for statements he made during a profile interview with GQ Magazine this week.

While addressing his decision to distance himself from Sway House in recent months, Noah called Bryce’s public image not “brand-safe”.

“I can’t be in too many videos with [Sway House members], because brands will see that and they’re like, ‘Oh, well, you’re doing this with Bryce, and he’s not very, like, brand-safe,” Noah said. “[Some creators] care more about their image online, rather than trying to capitalise on all the money they could bring in if they were brand-safe.”

In response to Noah’s dig, Bryce took to Instagram stories today to let fans know that his energy drink, Ani Energy, which he co-founded with Josh Richards is now being stocked in over 400 Walmarts across the US. “Said that I fuck up the brand deals,” Bryce said to camera. “Bitch, I am the brand deals! “Ani, Walmart, 7Eleven, ShopRite, what’s good?”

This comes weeks after Bryce revealed on The Sync podcast that he left Sway over drama between himself, Noah, and Blake Gray.

“I’m like cool with everyone, it’s just the tension between Noah, Blake and I just— yeah, it’s weird,” he says. “They fucking did some like, slimy shit low-key.”

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Bryce went on to say that he asked Noah and Blake if they wanted to get another house about five days before they had to move out of the original Sway house.

“Blake doesn’t even respond. Blake doesn’t even like, mention this. They’re going house-hunting behind my back even though I’m like house-hunting for all of us,” he explains.

While the Sway boys all claim to be cool with each other, seems like the dust hasn’t totally settled yet.

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