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Bryce Hall Says Sway Members Noah Beck & Blake Gray Betrayed Him By Secretly House-Hunting Alone

Bryce Hall Says Sway Members Noah Beck & Blake Gray Betrayed Him By Secretly House-Hunting Alone

Updated: August 21st 2021

Could TikTok’s Sway House be over for good?

Eighteen months after its famed inception, it seems one of TikTok’s biggest creator collectives is heading for collapse as the group’s most influential member, Bryce Hall, has allegedly moved out of the house.

“I left Sway,” Bryce tweeted Thursday. The influencer then unfollowed fellow Sway member Blake Gray— a surprising development considering the group has been filming and releasing a reality show together via their IGTV, with the latest episode having dropped on August 5th.

Conceptualized by talent development company TalentX Entertainment in early January 2020, Sway House remained relatively low-key during its early days— so much so that some fans initially speculated that collective started as a way to troll The Hype House.

Like most content houses, Sway had a handful of stars who lived at the house, and others who were part of the “crew” but did not reside there.

TalentX Entertainment reportedly hand-picked the main members. As of last month, the Sway boys included Bryce Hall, Anthony Reeves, Griffin Johnson, Kio Cyr, Blake Gray, and Noah Beck. Nick Bean and Quinton Griggs were part of the collective and frequently created content with main members.

Josh Richards and Jaden Hossler were also founding members (Josh is actually a partner of TalentX Entertainment) but announced their departure from the house in May 2020 after a string of scandals. While Josh has maintained a friendship with the crew, Jaden found himself on the outs after he split from girlfriend Mads Lewis to get with Josh’s longtime on-again-off-again love Nessa Barrett.

While the Sway boys look to be going their separate ways, several are still linked in joint business ventures and projects, including Josh, Noah, and Griffin who teamed up earlier this year to start Animal Capital— a $15 million venture capital fund focused on raising money and assisting start-ups to reach Gen-Z consumers.

Josh is also in business with Bryce, launching lifestyle drink brand Ani Energy together back in March.

One week after moving out of Sway, Bryce went on The Sync podcast where he discussed the drama.

“I’m like cool with everyone, it’s just the tension between Noah, Blake and I just— yeah, it’s weird,” he says. “They fucking did some like, slimy shit low-key.”

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Bryce went on to say that he asked Noah and Blake if they wanted to get another house about five days before they had to move out of the original Sway house.

“Blake doesn’t even respond. Blake doesn’t even like, mention this. They’re going house-hunting behind my back even though I’m like house-hunting for all of us,” he explains.

This may be the end of Sway House, but we anticipate this is just the beginning for these Triller stars and their booming careers.

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