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Brianna Chickenfry Apologises to Trisha Paytas for Mocking Her OnlyFans Content with Barstool Sports Team

Brianna Chickenfry Apologises to Trisha Paytas for Mocking Her OnlyFans Content with Barstool Sports Team

Brianna LaPaglia has apologised to Trisha Paytas for mocking her OnlyFans content in a viral video that resurfaced from a couple of years ago.

During a September 5th episode of her podcast ‘Just Trish’, the OG YouTuber brought up an incident from 2021 where members of the Barstool Sports team were filmed watching and laughing at Trisha’s OnlyFans content.

“It was two girls and two guys. And I’m like, ‘You are so disgusting and sick and twisted,'” Trisha said on her podcast. “I don’t know why people want to take my naked body and make fun of me.”

The creator brought the incident up in reference to the recent allegations against her former friend and collaborator Colleen Ballinger. Amid allegations of racism, manipulation, and grooming, Colleen has also been accused of sending Trisha’s OnlyFans content to young fans as a way to mock Trisha’s body.

Though Trisha did not mention Brianna— who is professionally known as Brianna Chickenfry— by name on her podcast, fans quickly found the clip that she was referring to and noticed the BFFs Podcast co-host was involved.

Internet users flooded Brianna’s comment section demanding the influencer address the video and apologise to Trisha.

Brianna clapped back in a now-deleted TikTok video calling Trisha “weird” for bringing it up years later. Brianna said she addressed this incident when it first occurred and wants to move on.

Brianna, Dave Portnoy, and Josh Richards all spoke about the Barstool staff watching Trisha’s OnlyFans content during an episode of BFFs in March 2021.

“She like, made up a whole story, pretended she didn’t know who I was. I bought her OnlyFans. Some guy at work came up to me behind my desk and started recording it and fucking posted it. Not her OnlyFans — of me watching it. At Barstool. I didn’t know he was fucking recording me,” Brianna said. “She was doing a naked house tour so it was funny.”

Brianna went on to say she’s still subscribed to Trisha’s OnlyFans.

“Like I said, three years ago. Let’s move on,” she finished.


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Two weeks later, Trisha has now confirmed that Brianna reached out to her privately to apologise for mocking her naked house tour in 2021 and for how she reacted to Trisha bringing it up.

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On a new episode of ‘Just Trish’, the creator said she didn’t expect or need an apology from Brianna because she is “used to” people laughing at her OnlyFans content.

Trisha goes on to say she didn’t mention Brianna by name on her podcast in early September, partly because she wasn’t totally sure that it was Brianna in the video, and partly because she doesn’t like to criticise young people for their poor decisions, given her own problematic history.

“She sent me a really nice apology,” Trisha said. “She goes, ‘I genuinely didn’t mean it to be mean. Like, you know, I thought it was supposed to be a funny house tour.”

“She is 24, so I always, you know, when people are young, I get it,” Trisha explained.

Trisha said she takes it “as a sincere apology” and thinks it was “very sweet” of Brianna to reach out.

“It meant a lot,” she finished. “It gave me, like, some sort of closure.”

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