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Teenager From Viral Photo of Miranda Sings Performance Addresses “Violating” Experience as Colleen Ballinger Fan

Teenager From Viral Photo of Miranda Sings Performance Addresses “Violating” Experience as Colleen Ballinger Fan

Another former Colleen Ballinger fan has spoken out about a “scary” experience with the YouTuber when she was a minor.

As stories about Colleen’s inappropriate relationships with her young fans continue to mount, user @noitsbecks has opened up about how the YouTuber embarrassed her on stage during a live performance as a teenager.

On June 9th, Becky posted a photo of herself and Colleen to Twitter. The photo shows Colleen, dressed as her internet character Miranda Sings, spreading Becky’s legs open as she lays on her back on stage. Becky is wearing a romper.

“i’ve been debating posting this picture, but this was me on stage. she encouraged her fans to wear revealing clothing so we would get called on stage. and then she exploited us and our bodies for her own gain. so yeah, i’m okay with calling her a predator,” Becky tweeted.

The former fan then took to TikTok to provide more context about the photo after it became widely shared across social media.

In a video posted two days ago, Becky explains that Miranda Sings shows feature segments in which fans are called up on stage based on what they’re wearing. Becky says that fans would dress “skimpy” in the hopes of getting called up on stage for one recurring segment in which Colleen would “degrade” them for dressing like “porn.”

When she attended the show, she was chosen for the yoga challenge. She was around 16 years old at the time.

“So we get to the point in the yoga challenge where I am laying down and Colleen is spreading my legs basically as far as she can. She spreads them so far that you can see the Spandex I was wearing under my romper,” she says. “That is the moment I will never forget — where I was laying under Colleen and she is smirking down at me while thousands of people were laughing and I was terrified that my body wasn’t covered enough.”

“I was basically naked so it felt incredibly sexually violating,” Becky continued. “For her to use my body as entertainment on stage really set my confidence back quite a lot.”

In response to users trying to victim-blame Becky, she says that Colleen exploited her “minor body for entertainment and money and did not protect my safety at this show.”

Becky went on to address one commenter who said her story was “weird” because she intentionally dressed “skimpy” in the hopes of getting called on stage.

She says the inappropriate part of this experience was Colleen manipulating her body, not what she was wearing.

“not to mention the power dynamics in this situation… it could never have been my fault. please stop commenting that it was,” she wrote in the caption.


Replying to @Gus #greenscreen not to mention the power dynamics in this situation… it could never have been my fault. please stop commenting that it was. #colleenballinger #mirandasings

♬ original sound – becky

One day later, Becky returned to TikTok to further address all the victim-blaming.

“A lot of people don’t realise the power dynamics that were at play in this situation. But regardless, a lot of the negative comments that I’ve received are why victims of any traumatic situation don’t come forward a lot of times,” she says.

She goes on to question if the reception to her story would be different if Colleen had been a man violating a minor’s body in the same way.


its 2023, we dont judge other peoples trauma. #colleenballinger #mirandasings

♬ original sound – becky

Becky’s recount comes off the back of mounting allegations against Colleen and her family.

On June 3rd, KodeeRants, a drama channel and longtime follower of viral culture, came forward about their experience as a Colleen Ballinger fan.

After a nearly four-month hiatus from the internet, Kodee uploaded a YouTube video titled “why I left the colleen ballinger fandom…” in which they broke down the dynamics of the fandom— discussing their parasocial relationship with Colleen and how this bond prevented them from recognising the influencer’s problematic behaviour.

Kodee also validated Adam McIntyre’s story— another former fan of Colleen’s who shared his experience being part of her fandom back in 2020. His experience included being sent lingerie from Colleen when she was in her 30s and he was 13 years old.

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Kodee has since removed all content from their channel following a video by commentary creator Dustin Dailey who called them out for also being in Colleen fandom group chats with minors (something Kodee did address in their video).

Though Kodee has retreated from the internet, their video opened a floodgate of allegations against the Ballingers.

On June 8th, a Twitter user named Oliver (Ollie) shared multiple screenshots of alleged messages sent to them from Colleen’s brother Trent Ballinger when they were 13-14 years old and Trent was in his 30s. Ollie also included a screen recording to verify the messages.

Ollie now uses they/he pronouns but was using she/her at the time of the messages.

Throughout the messages, Trent discussed Ollie’s sexual orientation, got possessive over the minor, and gave Ollie the nickname “peapod.” He guilted Ollie over the prospect of them forgetting about him one day and on more than one occasion, he appeared very concerned over Ollie labeling themselves as bisexual and gay.

Trent often called Ollie “cute” and “pretty”, told them multiple times to visit him, and asked Ollie to send him a “special video” just for him. In one message he told Ollie that they would “look good” pregnant and on Ollie’s 14th birthday Trent wrote “4 more years and ur 18.”

He seemingly admitted to video-chatting with Colleen’s underage fans in the past and told Ollie that he stopped because his parents said that could get him in trouble.

Ollie confirmed to Centennial World that they “never” video-chatted with Trent despite discussing it.

Adam, Ollie, and Becky’s experiences seem to be the tip of the iceberg when it comes to how Colleen and her family have treated their fans.

Centennial World reached out to Becky for comment and did not hear back.

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