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Bretman Rock Has Some Feelings About Influencers Partying During The Pandemic

Bretman Rock Has Some Feelings About Influencers Partying During The Pandemic

Bretman Rock is speaking out against his peers partying amidst the coronavirus pandemic.

In an interview with Insider, our favourite self-love guru says he’s been happy to stay home during the pandemic— mainly out of concern for the global health crisis, and partly because he prefers to be isolated anyways. “I hate people so I’ve always been quarantined,” he told the publication. “I love my own space.” Goals.

Living on remote acreage in Hawaii, the 22-year-old has managed to stay out of the L.A. scene and removed from the controversial decisions fellow influencers are making during this time. Over the past year, viral stars have faced a barrage of backlash for disregarding stay-at-home orders and government mandates.

Just last month, TikTok’s Charli and Dixie D’Amelio, Noah Beck, Chase Hudson, and others vacationed in the Bahamas against CDC guidelines. Several influencers have issued apologies for their irresponsible behaviour, but returned to partying, traveling, and gathering shortly after the backlash died down.

Bretman’s own bestie, Nikita Dragun, faced criticism last week for hosting a wild 25th birthday party where maskless guests were filmed kissing each other for the cameras.

Being some of his closest friends, Bretman told Insider these influencers “know what they’re f***ing doing.” As long as he’s doing his part to stay safe, the YouTuber has no plans to call them out because “they should f***ing know.”

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With multiple influencers claiming they can’t stop gathering because it’s their “job to entertain people,” Bretman goes to on to shade his peers, saying, “If you feel like you need other people to make content, that says something about your work— like you really can’t entertain people without having to use other influencers?”

“I’m sorry you can’t be interesting enough to be by yourself,” he finished.

Bremtan Rock out here spittin’ truths.

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