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Billie Eilish Is Obsessed With This One Makeup Brand

Billie Eilish Is Obsessed With This One Makeup Brand

Billie Eilish made history last week with her impressive sweep at the 62nd Grammys as the youngest-ever Album of the Year winner and the first woman to win all four big awards: Album of the Year, Record of the Year, Song of the Year and Best New Artist.

But it wasn’t just her iconic winning-streak that made headlines for the star on music’s biggest night. The 18-year-old also won accolades for her head-to-toe Gucci look, specifically her logo-encrusted nail art and dewy, fresh-looking skin.

Now, Billie’s makeup artist Robert Rumsey revealed that her glowing glam was created using only one brand: Milk Makeup.

Founded in 2016 by NYC creative agency Milk Studios, Milk Makeup is the ultimate trendy clean beauty brand. Best-known for its multi-use products and stick formulas, the concept for the brand emerged after agency founders saw a gap in the market for makeup products best used on set. The idea was to create products that could be applied quickly, didn’t require fine precision, and would benefit the skin— something particularly important for professional models who often wear multiple looks a day.

Four years later, the brand has grown from an industry-fave to worldwide cult-status and clearly, celebs are jumping on board.

Though this isn’t the first time Billie’s worn a full-face of Milk Makeup to an award show (she did so at the 2020 AMAs as well), Robert took to Instagram to share his step-by-step process for creating Billie’s Grammys glam.

From skin to eyes to blinding glow, here’s how Billie’s makeup artist used only Milk Makeup products on the biggest star of the night.

Step 1: Prep Skin

Robert prepped Billie’s skin with the Vegan Milk Moisturizer. This moisturiser is a fave amongst those with dry skin looking for a cruelty-and paraben-free option. A little goes a long way with this product and despite its thick texture, it absorbs quickly and won’t leave your skin feeling tacky.

Step 2: Prime Skin

Once prepped, Robery primed the singer’s skin with the Hydro Grip Primer. You’ll love this primer if you have normal-dry skin and need your makeup to stay in place all day long. The texture is slightly tacky which adheres to your base and the hydrating properties help makeup glide on smoothly.

Step 3: Skin Tint and Concealer

For the base, Robert used Milk Makeup’s Sunshine Skin Tint which has been discontinued. Boo. He then went in with the Flex Concealer, which strikes the perfect balance between natural coverage that’s also long-lasting.

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Step 4: Bronzer and Highlight

Billie’s glow can be attributed to Milk’s Matte Bronzer and their Flex Highlighter in the shade Lit. This stick bronzer provides the illusion of a sun-kissed complexion while the powder highlight is highly pigmented.

Step 5: Eyes and Brows

Billie usually opts for a no-makeup-makeup look on her eyes and the Grammys was no exception. To create dewy neutral lids, Robert combined Milk Makeup’s champagne-coloured Eye Pigment called Hotel Lobby and the same Lit highlighter. He finished with Milk’s iconic KUSH High Volume Mascara and KUSH Clear Brow Gel, both best-sellers.

Step 6: Lips

Robert completed the look with the Milk Makeup KUSH Lip Glaze — a thick gloss that comes out green (to match her hair perhaps?) and applies pink. It’s long-lasting and has a cooling effect upon application.

While the star has rarely (if ever) been seen in full beat, we love Billie and Robert’s fresh, glowy take on Awards glam. Plus, you’ve got to love a completely vegan makeup routine.

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