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Jackie Aina Asked Fans If They’re “Over Makeup Reviews” And They Didn’t Hold Back

Jackie Aina Asked Fans If They’re “Over Makeup Reviews” And They Didn’t Hold Back

It’s no secret that the beauty influencer landscape is changing.

From massive PR unboxings to multi-million dollar closet tours to palette reviews for literally every new launch under the sun, the flashy beauty guru content that once captivated audiences on YouTube is becoming a thing of the past.

Instead, beauty lovers are leaning into relatability, authenticity, and minimalist consumption. We’re finding it harder and harder to trust our favourite influencers when we so blatantly see the millions they’re making off our purchases. Plus, most of us legitimately can’t keep up with the frequency of new launches⁠— it’s not sustainable for our bank accounts or the environment.

And it seems beauty YouTubers are starting to notice.

Today, Jackie Aina took to Twitter to ask fans if they’re “over makeup reviews.”

The tweet comes after months of declining views for some of the biggest beauty YouTubers across the platform.

And tbh, it was about time someone asked.

Fans quickly replied to Jackie, with most saying they’re not over her reviews because they still trust her.

Others took time to explain that with new launches like, every single day, it’s become so oversaturated it’s difficult to know what’s actually worth buying and what’s not.

Jackie replied to some tweets from her point of view as a creator that’s expected to keep pumping out consistent content.

Overall, it seems audiences (or at least Jackie’s audience) are not over makeup reviews⁠, but they are over the way in which beauty content has been previously presented to them online.

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