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#MaskSnack Is The Next Viral Beauty Trend And Here’s Why It’s So Important

#MaskSnack Is The Next Viral Beauty Trend And Here’s Why It’s So Important

When model Pyper America uploaded a selfie back in May to her Instagram page, she probably had no idea she was about to start the next viral beauty trend.

The photo, in which Pyper’s seen wearing a face mask while eating spaghetti in bed, was reposted by basically every major beauty account across the platform— a comedic take on our obsession with self-care.

And now one of the first accounts to repost, Into The Gloss, is piggybacking off the selfie’s viral success by asking self-care junkies across the ‘gram to post their own version of the photo using the hashtag #MaskSnack.

So far the post has been recreated by a handful of skincare-obsessed women around the world, including Teen Vogue’s editor-in-chief Lindsay Peoples Wagner.

While #MaskSnack may seem like just another bizarre viral trend, the concept of posting a selfie with messy hair, no makeup on and a mouth full of food is a welcome change from what we scroll through on our feeds everyday.

#MaskSnack promotes the opposite of curated FaceTuned selfies (even if it did take you 20+ tries to get the shot). The very essence of the concept is to showcase a moment in time that you can dedicate completely to yourself— those moments when you’re resting and truly nourishing your body inside and out.

It’s feel-good content that celebrates the shift from polished to unfiltered that we’re slowly seeing across social media in the last year. It’s all about celebrating your authentic life and your authentic self(ie).

And we’re fucking here for it.

See more #MaskSnack selfies below.

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