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Why The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip Should Be The Go-To Device For Beauty Addicts

Why The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip Should Be The Go-To Device For Beauty Addicts

In a time where your phone makes as much of a statement as your lipstick colour, it has become clear that tech and beauty are inextricably linked. With trends and developments in both industries moving at lightning speed, it’s no surprise the newest and most innovative products work to support those of us with a serious hankering for the latest and greatest beauty releases year-round.

That’s where Samsung comes in: from the hands free camera and quick selfie functions, to the immersive viewing experience, the Galaxy Z Flip has you covered for both consuming and creating beauty-related content. Here’s why the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip is the go-to device for every beauty addict…

Watching content is SO easy

Those in the know will say you can’t call yourself a true beauty fanatic without religiously keeping up with all the collabs and tutorials from your favourite beauty gurus on YouTube. 

Now, let the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip upgrade your screen time. Not only does the model boast reduced blue light to help reduce eye strain* (because we need all the help we can get with our scrolling addiction), but an incredibly vivid and clear display which helps ensure you’ll always have a perfect colour-match as you buff out James Charles’ signature rainbow smokey eye. Plus, thanks to the Galaxy Z Flip’s iconic foldable shape, your phone can stand alone while watching tutorials; the hands-free ability makes it incredibly easy to translate your favourite tutorials to your own full-beat, following along with the video. With the Galaxy Z Flip, who needs a laptop?

Capturing content is even easier

Now that you’ve recreated the latest trending look on TikTok, it’s time to document it. Unique to the Galaxy Z Flip, the device can be folded in half and placed on a flat surface to enter ‘Flex’ mode; allowing you to use the upper half of the screen to view and the bottom half to control.^ Flex mode means you have a whole new host of angles at your disposal, completely hands free. Plus, when switched to Night Mode, the phone takes up to 14 images, combining them to help create the brightest, best option. Now every inch of your glam will have the well-lit documentation it deserves…even when you’re up till 3AM trying to master the latest TikTok transition. We’ll just go ahead and throw that tripod out. 

When it comes to selfies on the go, the Galaxy Z Flip also has that covered. Whether you’re on your way out and documenting your transformation, or working a makeshift photo shoot with your girlfriends, the Galaxy Z Flip allows you to snap a selfie open or folded. If the phone is folded, it will instantly show you a preview without even having to unfold. Finding the best POV (or touching up your concealer) has never been easier.

It’s the chicest accessory in your arsenal 

While you mix up your lip colour, eyeshadow or hairstyle depending on the vibe, your phone is a mainstay accessory. Between mirror selfies, messaging friends, watching YouTube videos and scrolling through TikTok on the train (or in bed for 5 hours straight…no judgement), it’s likely in your hand more than anything else, so it obviously has to look the part. Coming in Mirror Purple, Mirror Black, Mystic Bronze or Mystic Grey, the Galaxy Z Flip is not only the chicest accessory in your arsenal but also the most practical. With the iconic foldable design, the model is palm-sized when folded and unfolds to a completely smooth surface (foldable glass, what?) to provide a full screen experience, because we know you have to be prepared for Jackie Aina’s latest video drop. 

For a beauty addict on the go, who’s consuming and creating content 24/7, and looking chic while doing it, the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip seems to us like a no-brainer. 

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**SGS, the world’s leading certification company, awarded Galaxy Z Flip’s display the Eye Care Certification based on its ability to minimise the harmful effects of blue light. This certification can be found on

^Certain applications may not support Flex mode

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